7 tips to improve online meetings


Online Meetings

To help  make online meetings productive, here are seven tips that can be implemented immediately.

Working from home is the daily bread of many. Whether it is because of the pandemic or because the convenience of this way of work has made them rethink their daily lives in a more permanent way, the fact is that there is nothing new about this, and having a good tool for online meetings is crucial.

There are many programs for videoconferencing such as Google Hangouts, Jitsi, Skype, Microsoft Teams... To make online meeting productive we are going to focus on talking about Zoom.

This platform is one of the most flexible at the moment, since the participants do not need to register to be part of a video conference or virtual meeting and they can participate in a meeting through their computer or mobile devices.

Although it has various payment plans, its free version is also very complete, as it allows up to 100 participants and unlimited meetings per day, but with a maximum duration of 40 minutes each. In addition, its screen sharing option or its option to use a cell phone as a webcam is ideal for business meetings.

How does it work?

Perhaps it is a good time to review what our meetings are like and try to make them more productive. We propose 7 tips that will help you continue building relationships on a daily basis and achieve that goal:


The quality of the meetings falls as the number of attendees increases. For this reason it is important to invite the people who should really be at the meeting.


2. Preparation for online meetings:

Why don’t we prepare an agenda with the questions and topics to be discussed? This will help us to have a more effective meeting and will allow us to decide who has to be present.


3. Duration:

It is important that the meetings last as long as possible so that no stress or frustration is generated. In addition, it is estimated that our attention span decreases exponentially after 45 minutes.

4. Active Moderation:

It is essential to distinguish between attendees and participants. The key is to involve the attendees and try to ensure that everyone can contribute, avoid questions such as: Does anyone have anything else to add? or Any comments on this?

5. Participation:

Muting our microphone when we are not speaking. By silencing ourselves we avoid disturbing noise and contribute to the clarity of the speaker’s message at that moment.

6. Opinions and suggestions:

What could we do to improve? All feedback is welcome. Any constructive contribution will help us to organise more effective meetings in the future.

7. Backdrop or background:

When the meeting is for a client or a presentation it is recommended to use a background according to the topic that we are going to discuss and in this case the modular system of Av-Drop is a good alternative, because with this product we can personalise the measurements, the image and the form of our background to achieve a more professional result.


We hope these tips will help you make online meetings productive. Have a good meeting!

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