AV-Drop Pro

AV-Drop Pro

We are proud to present the new AV-Drop Pro, created to get even more design and assembly possibilities in a single kit, and in only 3 flightcases.

3 Flightcases 

Coex became our distributor in South Korea in April, since then our professional relationship has only grown.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to AV-drop PRO that we have created for this project.  Coex is using the AV-Drop system with this AV-Drop Pro in their conference rooms, to create multiple stage backdrops, dividing walls, projection screens… With just two kits they can set up any event as the AV-Drop Pro has multiple possibilities and is completely reusable, just like the whole AV-Drop system.

We created this kit in order to get even more design and assembly choices. Besides having the same possibilities as the normal kit, it has an additional flightcase with added parts (curve and angle type) that allow you to create different shapes and sizes.   As mentioned before, this special kit allows us to assemble even more different backdrops.  We have divided these design and assembly possibilities into 2 subgroups.



 These 3 designs are just a few examples of the many designs that can be obtained or created with the new AV-Drop Pro. This subgroup shows the possible standard designs, the most basic designs that can be created, although they are simple, they are still impressive and have a perfect staging for any kind of event.




These designs are larger and more complex than the standard ones, but they are still very easy to assemble and very intuitive. This subgroup is oriented to larger events, because of their bigger size. Due to the amount of pieces and the versatility of AV-Drop Pro, you can create many more designs than the examples we provide in this post. For any questions you have our 

video gallery with videos explaining how to assemble our system.


Real Examples

Finally, we wanted to show some of our designs made with the AV-Drop Pro. These examples of designs are made without placing fabrics or any type of complement, simply to show how they would look when assembled.


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