Printed Backdrops


In the world of events, many structures are used and reused. A stage backdrop is one of the most eye-catching and attractive for your event. Therefore, a very good option is the printed stage backdrop.


The printed backdrops allows you to focus attention on a specific point of the event. With just a few prints and your stage backdrop you can create an impressive stage setting. You will be able to express your entire corporate image with just this stage backdrop and in maximum detail.


We recommend this option, as it is the best for your stage backdrop. Moreover, like all our AV-Drop system, you can reuse the structure multiple times, with the same shape or changing the design.


We can make large format prints of up to 5 metres, thanks to Metacrilato Barcelona.


With the experience that we have, over the years we have made many structures ourselves or ourselves, or have made third parties with our structure. Here you have a few examples of these.