Pantalla de proyección y proyecto a medida / Visionaria Copenague
Projection screen and customised project / Visionaria Copenhagen

Projection Screens


Projection screens are an essential element in any large-scale event. Every event requires multiple structures, but projection screens are perfect for when we want to display something graphically or digitally. These screens help to capture more attention from the visitor or consumer. 

Advantages and Uses

Projection screens allow us to better express and explain the purpose of the event, conference or lecture. They can be accompanied by a backdrop that draws greater attention to the screens. In this way, the user/visitor’s eyes are focused on the content we want them to see. 


With AV-Drop you get easy, quick and simple assembly and disassembly. In addition, we can design a customised screen for your needs. We can adapt to what you want to show and turn it into a reality. 


This is the ideal option if you want a projection screen on its own. But if you want a backdrop, you can also have a projection screen or more than one projection screen next to your structure. There are two projection types, rear and front projection. 



Here is a selection of work we have done, all of which are projection screens. Each one has its own unique shape and form, giving a distinctive touch to each project. If you have a project in mind or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Hundreds of partners, including 

ShowTexDrapekingsCoex, have already placed their trust in us.