Immersive Room - ISE Immersive Art Experience - Van Gogh

Immersive Rooms

Immersive Room - ISE Immersive Art Experience - Van Gogh


Immersive experiences are appearing everywhere, they are a new way of enjoying reality, transmitting the sensation of being inside a projection.

Immersion is achieved thanks to the image and content shown in 360º in the video projection, enveloping the audience and transporting them inside the projection, giving the opportunity to simulate being in one space when in reality you are in another.

This experience is highly sought after by the leisure, culture and business industries.

Immersive Projection

The audiovisual projection used in immersive rooms is an ultra-short distance perimeter projection system that prevents shadows from being generated in the image, thus allowing high quality viewing of any type of audiovisual content.


These rooms capture all our attention to offer us a completely different reality to what we are used to, allowing us to enjoy photography, painting, music or audiovisual arts taken to the next level.


The experience offered by this room system is the possibility of enjoying audiovisual technology in an immersive, surprising way that involves all the viewer’s senses, taking them to a unique state of sensory enjoyment.


Structure and Examples

The structure we use to create these spectacular rooms is the AV-Drop Backdrop Modular System. This system allows us to complete these structures very quickly and efficiently. These modules are covered with custom-made white fabrics that allow for the perfect audiovisual projection, the measurements of the room are adapted to the client’s needs.


We show you two of the examples of immersive rooms that we have made. The first 4 photos are from an ISE immersive room and the other 4 are from the immersive exhibition ‘Impressionists’.