AV Experience Zone conference room

Conference Rooms

AV Experience Zone conference room


This type of structure is often used for large-scale performances and events. 

If you don’t have a space suitable for use as a conference room, AV-Drop is your solution. With our system, you can create walls to construct many conference rooms. In just a short space of time, you can achieve the perfect venue for all types of conferences, exhibitions, lectures and presentations. 

Events are back to normal​

This type of room is usually used for presentations in front of large audiences, hence the typically large dimensions. Now that Covid is now less prevalent, reduced measures mean that we are able to enjoy events and trade fairs once again. 
Everything is returning to normal, and improving every day. This has resulted in more structures being created, like these conference rooms. If you plan on taking part in an event or trade fair and need a room of any size, you can rely on AV-Drop to create and assemble the structure.  
If you prefer to assemble your structure yourself, that’s also an option! Our system is designed to be easy to put together and understand. However, we are always available to install it for you. 

Examples of Conference Rooms​

Two of our most important examples are from the ISE trade fair, where we produced two conference rooms, one in 2021 and the other in 2022


Both rooms had the same type of structure and dimensions, and were used for the same purpose during the exhibition. These conference rooms represented AVIXA at this major trade fair. 

Key aspects of conference rooms


They are designed to serve various purposes, such as team meetings, client presentations, training sessions, and brainstorming sessions. The layout and features of a conference room often depend on the specific needs of the organization.


Modern conference rooms are equipped with audio-visual technology to support presentations and communication. This typically includes a projector or large display screen, audio systems, video conferencing equipment, and connectivity options for laptops and other devices.


The furniture is chosen to facilitate collaboration and communication. Common features include a conference table, chairs, and sometimes additional seating or collaborative workspaces. The arrangement of furniture can vary based on the intended use of the room.

Technology Integration

Often feature integrated technology solutions for seamless communication. This may include video conferencing systems, teleconferencing equipment, interactive whiteboards, and other tools that enhance collaboration and productivity.


They come in different sizes to accommodate various group sizes. Small huddle rooms may be suitable for quick team discussions, while larger boardrooms are designed for more formal meetings and presentations.

Design and Aesthetics

 The design of conference rooms can vary widely, depending on the organization’s preferences and the overall office design. Some may have a more traditional and formal aesthetic, while others may adopt a more modern and collaborative design.

Reservation Systems

In larger organizations, conference rooms may be equipped with reservation systems to manage their availability. Employees can use these systems to schedule meetings and ensure that the room is available when needed.


Conference rooms are often strategically located for easy access by employees. They may be distributed throughout office spaces to minimize travel time between workstations and meeting rooms.

Privacy and Acoustics

Consideration is given to the level of privacy needed in conference rooms, and acoustic design is important to ensure that discussions within the room are not easily overheard, especially in open office environments.

Environmental Controls

Adequate lighting, temperature control, and ventilation are essential in conference rooms to create a comfortable and productive meeting environment.


Overall, conference rooms are essential components of modern workplaces, supporting effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making among team members and stakeholders.

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