Conference backdrop system

Conference backdrop system

Conference backdrop system

Conference backdrop system


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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Av-Drop?
It’s a modular system designed to build backdrops and other structures.
What’s so innovative about Av-Drop?
Almost everything is entirely made of aluminium and complemented with fabrics. Its a type of “Lego” configurable construction. It’s also reusable and it doesnt require any kind of tools.
So it’s new?

Not exactly. Our company did a lot of research and development, updating, upgrading and refining Av-Drop until becomingt onto what it is today. During the last 4 years, our backdrop system has proven to be a solid, reliable and successful solution in countries like Belgium, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and many more.

Who is Av-Drop aimed at?

Mainly, audiovisual companies. But all in all, any firm or organization that needs to set up backdrops and other structures.

What can I do with Av-Drop?

Our system is specially designed to set up conference backdrops and audiovisual backdrops. But you can also use it to setup wall dividers, photocalls… and many other applications.

Backdrop Questions

How wide are your backdrops?
With Av-Drop you can setup backdrops and other structures as wide as you want.
How high are your backdrops?

With Av-Drop you can setup backdrops and other structures ranging from 3.5 to 6 meters high.

Our customers are happy with the backdrops we setup. Why should we change to Av-Drop?

Because it will save you time, space, effort, manpower and many other problems. Moreover, Av-Drop is an investment that gets monetized in short time.

How do you setup such big structures without tools?

Av-Drop system uses positioners to snap frame pieces together with a simple click. The velcro and the clamps are designed to keep the structure together rock solid.

How about projection screens for audiovisual events?

We supply screens, it could be hung or framed by our Av-Drop system in a wide range of options and sizes, ranging from 240×180 to 500×281. Screens can be front or rear projected.

Six meters is pretty high. Is it really solid enough?

Rock solid. In fact, we’ve successfully setup many backdrops for our customers up to 7.5 meters and higher, but we prefer to be on the safe side and put our limit it to 6 m.

How does Av-Drop look like?

Check out our gallery section to find out.

Specific Questions

Can I rent Av-Drop in my country?

Sure, contact us for any enquiry about rental. However, if you have to setup several backdrops, buying it’s probably more cost effective option.

Can I purchase Av-Drop in my country?

Yes, you can contact us to know our local distributors and if they do not exist we will inform you about the best alternatives for your shipment.

How much does Av-Drop cost?

Since it’s modular, price will depend on the exact dimensions of the backdrop or the structure you want to setup, but there’s a minimum order value. Contact us directly for any enquiry and our personnel will be glad to send you a quotation.

Can I build different backdrops and structures with the same Av-Drop package?
Of course. That’s the beauty of a modular system.
If we order Av-Drop today, how long will it take for us to receive it?
It will take around 3 or 4 weeks, depending on stock availability and country.
My question did not get an answer.
No worries, contact us directly and we’ll answer it.

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