The A Frame is the original basic component of the entire AV-Drop system.
To create a panel with A frames, the system is built on using two A frames of matching widths, rotating and inverting one frame and snapping them together with two UP’s (Union Piece).


The F Frame is the evolve of the basic component.
The F frame is essentially the A split in half to make a left and right half of the A.
The F-Frame is the core of the AV-Drop frame system, allowing the A-Frame concept to be split and extended making a wider frame typically up to 2,5 m wide.
The F-Frame with or without extensions are used like the A-frame to create panels, returns, stabilizers of varying heights and widths.


Extensions are used with any of the frames to extend heights and widths to meet your needs. Extensions, like all frames utilize the UP, Union Piece for a quick connection. Extensions can be used either right or left, horizontal or vertical. Custom lengths are available.




The U frame is a secondary building block of the system. They are typically used to cap the top, bottom or sides of panels, returns and stabilizers of varying heights and widths. All widths come in 1’h legs.





X, T, L and H frames are used to create interior support and outer center support or corners. These are typically used in front and rear projection screens, hanging panels (where weight reduction is needed), and taller or wider panels, stabilizers and lintels.


Unions are the universal connector of the entire system. These units connect all frame components to each other. Union Extensions are incremental connectors when lengths of less than 35cm are required – i.e.: for projection screens. 


The Radius Curve frame is a secondary component and is used to create alternate shapes and visual interest in designs. 4 units can be used to create a complete circle.


The Angle frame is an advanced design tool. It creates profiles and shapes that extend the creativity of the system. Each 180 degree set of angles utilize left and right Center T supports to allow for building large stable panel sizes.
Corner angles are 25cm X 25cm, “T” angles are 60cm long side, 45,7 cm on horizontal side.


AV-Drop Clamps are at the heart of the tool-less assembly for the entire system. These simple, fixed, pressure fit units allow for interior and exterior corners, specialty connections and rigging. When used overhead, they come equipped with standard safety cables.



Screen Brackets are another component of the toolless system assembly that allows for front hanging AV-Drop and most fast fold style screen. The brackets are placed in between vertical frame sections, locked in place, and used to support both front projection screens and graphic panels known as gallery-drop.
The brackets are designed to support AV-Drop frames but work with most competitive major projection screen brands.


Our 15KG BFW (bracket for weight) Are the perfect solution for all weight and counterweight applications.