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Starter Kit

Our starter kit comes all packed up in a flightcase

The measurements of this flightcase are 184cm of lenght with 50cm of width and 72cm of height. Weighing about 280kg including all the pieces inside. Easy to pack and transport.

What is inside in the flight case?

The flight case contains modular aluminium AV Drop pieces, allowing you to build 4 different backdrops and wall set up combinations. You can order any height between 3.5m and 5m. The flightcase also comes with the black molton fabrics, 1 Front projection screen and 1 Rear projection screen.

4 different set up combinations to choose


1 Backdrop + 1 RP Screen

Backdrop measures:
8,80m x 5,00m
RP Screen measures:
4,00m x 2,25m


1 Backdrop + 1 FP Screen

Backdrop measures:
7,20m x 5,00m
FP Screen measures:
4,00m x 2,25m


3 Photocall / Step&Repeat

Photpcall measures:
3,50m x 2,40m


1 Partition Wall

Partition Wall measures:
15,00m x 24,00m

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