Myriad US/Custom project & mapping

Custom Projects

Myriad US/Custom project & mapping


In the event industry you always need multiple structures to make it up. And sometimes, we are not clear about what we want, or what we want is something very specific.

With AV-Drop you will be able to realise an infinite number of designs and ideas that come to your mind. Within the viability that it may have, we will always try to carry out the project in the right measure.

Endless possibilities

Our system allows us to work in a very efficient and simple way, allowing you to make your projects to measure. Our team will be at your disposal to make the best possible project. From stage backdrops, conference rooms and immersive rooms to projection screens. Any type of structure can be custom-made with AV-Drop.


As you can see, the projects are very specific and different from each other. Making your project customised allows you to have your own distinctive and personalised touch. Moreover, our system is reusable and will allow you to use it on more occasions. 


Make us your proposal and do not hesitate to contact us to start a new project.