Stage Backdrop with LED Screens


There are many different types of stage backdrops that can be created with AV-Drop, including LED screen stage backdrops. With our system you can create the structure you need to make your LED screen the centre of attention at your event

LED Screens

LED screen stage backdrops are an innovative way to create a visually stunning environment at events, shows and live productions. These screens provide a dynamic, animated surface that can display any image, video or animation in high definition with exceptional image quality. 


LED screens are made up of thousands of tiny light-emitting diodes that glow in different colours and brightness to create an image. Due to their flexibility and modularity, LED screens can be adapted to any size or shape of stage, meaning they can be used for concerts, corporate presentations, fashion shows, festivals and many other types of events. 


LED screen stage backdrops are a creative and versatile tool that allows for greater expressiveness in the production of live shows and events. Using an LED screen, production designers can create high-quality backdrops that enhance the audience experience and increase the visual impact of any event. 


Several LED screen backdrops have been created using our system. Here are just a few of them. Each one has its own unique look and feel due to the many different ways they can be put together. Whether custom made or using an existing design, with AV-Drop you can create the backdrop you need. 

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