ISE 2022

Immersive Room - ISE Immersive Art Experience - Van Gogh

ISE 2022

 Bridal Fashion Week

AV-Drop returned once again to ISE.

This year, we created two rooms with different themes for ISE 2022 at Fira Barcelona, Gran Via.


We created and assembled the structure for the two rooms using our AV-Drop system. As always, this system allowed us to complete these structures very quickly and efficiently.

The immersive room was designed to make you feel as if you were in another world, in a completely different and innovative environment that allowed you to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Conference Room for Avixa

The first room was created in collaboration with SONO, who was in charge of the audiovisual system (sound, lights and screen). This task was entrusted to us by AVIXA, who put their faith in us to create their presence at ISE.


As well as the room itself, we also created the stage background, which, along with the screen created the perfect setting. The printing for both the background and the walls of the room was done by Metacrilato Barcelona.


There is no doubt that the end result had an impact on everyone who saw it. It was also very impressive to see the change from start to finish. Especially when the room consisted of two 34-metre walls and two 30-metre walls, each 5 metres tall.

Immersive Room for ISE

This second room had a different touch that made it quite special. The Immersive Room provided a unique, innovative experience that allowed you to see art as you have never seen it before.
The interior dimensions made it even more striking, with two 17-metre walls and two 20-metre walls, each 7 metres high.
We were responsible for building the structure and walls that made up both the immersive room and the technical room.
But the end result would not have been possible without the collaboration of the following groups: Exhibition HubAV StrumplBarcoLang AG, LegrandAdamson Systems Engineering and Fluge.

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