Motomami Tour Rosalía

Plano General concierto Rosalia

Motomami Tour Rosalía

On the 6th of July 2022 the Motomami World Tour kicked off in Almeria, Spain.
Showtex Spain has had the opportunity to supply the set used for all the concerts and the world tour. This set includes a vertical wall that has been created and installed with our AV-Drop system .
All these stages have created the ideal backdrop to represent everything that was planned for this tour.

This special backdrop design makes it aesthetically striking with its minimalist design, but does not take away from the attraction of the artist herself, creating an ideal fusion for the occasion.


All tour material is transported in our standard AV-Drop flightcases.
The system has been duplicated for the American and European tour.
The cyclorama fabric has continuity with the floor by means of the AV-Drop structure for a continuous visual effect.
The Motomami tour has two versions, the arena version and the theatre version. AV-Drop can be modulated according to requirements.
One of the many advantages of the AV-Drop system is that it is completely reusable, in each and every one of the concerts the parts of our system have been reused.

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