Structures for Unmanned Systems World Congress Event

Pared divisoria y fondo de escenario con pantalla de proyección frontal

XV World Forestry Congress

With our modular AV-Drop system, Coex has created multiple totally innovative structures for their events and conferences at their convention centre. 


They have long relied on AV-Drop because of the possibility it allows them to create their events for themselves and their clients. 


Event Structures

In this case it is a set of elements that make up the ideal stage, but the room located in the convention centre Coex. 

The first of these is a central stage backdrop formed with two parallel lateral pillars. In addition, it has a central LED screen which completes the focus of attention in this backdrop.



The second component is a wall divider that is attached to the central stage backdrop. This dividing wall finishes off the staging of this set of structures to create the ideal event. 


The last structure is a smaller stage backdrop created for a small space separated from the rest. But together they form the same stage for the same event. 


These and multiple additional structures can be created with our AV-Drop system. From stage backdrops, conference rooms to immersive rooms and much more. Let your imagination run wild and start creating with us. 


Unmanned World Congress (UWC)

Coex uses AV-Drop because of its many advantages that make it completely environmentally friendly, such as the fact that it is completely reusable as it is made of aluminium. 

In this particular case, AV-Drop is the ideal system because the event is focused on helping the environment and improving the planet just like AV-Drop.

With our system, in addition to helping the planet, you get to create unlimited structures by letting your imagination run wild. All this, in an effective, simple and quick and intuitive way.

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