XV World Forestry Congress Stage Backdrop

Coex Stage Backdrop

XV World Forestry Congress

With our modular AV-Drop system, Coex has created multiple innovative structures for your events and conferences at its convention centre. In this case it is a stage backdrop with two side modules that together form an ideal structure for this open room. The size of the structure created with AV-Drop is 7m long x 3m high.


In addition, the location of this backdrop, within the convention centre, is a room in the Coex 1F Lobby where visitors could sit and appreciate the work being done.

XV World Forestry Congress

This particular backdrop was created to welcome the arrival of the 15th World Forestry Congress. It was held from 2 to 6 May in Seoul, South Korea. The main themes of this congress were the connections between human and forest health, investments to combat environmental degradation.

But the overall objective of this congress is to build a green, healthy and resilient future with forests. A goal that is fully compatible with what AV-Drop is aiming for.


AV-Drop Backdrop Modular System

Coex uses AV-Drop because of its many advantages that make it completely environmentally friendly, such as the fact that it is completely reusable as it is made of aluminium. 

In this particular case, AV-Drop is the ideal system because the event is focused on helping the environment and improving the planet just like AV-Drop.

With our system, in addition to helping the planet, you get to create unlimited structures by letting your imagination run wild. All this, in an effective, simple and quick and intuitive way.

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