Concert Stage Backdrop

Custom project of a stage backdrop for a live show

Myriad Live Tour

This project is one of the most unique and special that have been made with our AV-Drop Modular Backdrop System. 

The show was originally performed at the Park Avenue Armory in New York for the Red Bull Music Academy festival. It was then re-performed several times around the world in various configurations for the subsequent tour.


For this tour, angular shapes were created suspended with the structure of our system, placed in the center of the stage, behind the artists. In addition, you can see the mapping projection used to create this beautiful and impressive visual sensation.


Our U.S. distributor, DrapeKings, was commissioned to assemble and create this structure.


Dave+Gabe, interactive installation studio, wrote the visual software system that drove all the live projection mapped visuals for the show. They worked closely with creative director and visual artist Nate Boyce, to develop a graphics engine that would allow him to perform the visuals live using a hardware controller.



As you can see in this example, almost any design with AV-Drop is possible. If you have any ideas for your event, let us know, we offer fully customized structures or if you prefer you can purchase our kits, AV-Drop PRO or Starter Kit to create and assemble the structures yourself. 


You will get a reusable, environmentally friendly, you won’t need tools or screws to assemble it, you can transport it in an easy and fast way and you can assemble your structure in an impressive time. 


Throughout these years, both our team and our distributors or customers have made multiple structures using our AV-Drop System, this is one of the clear examples of our possibilities.


Multiple possibilities, multiple solutions!



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