5 ideas to decorate a space


5 ideas to decorate a space

Example of personalitation a space.

Decorative paper

For the introduction of this article about 5 ideas to decorate a space, we will start with Hanging wallpaper which is a good option to renew your spaces because of its great variety of colors and designs. According to its design, format and class it is applied in a different way and there are a variety of models for all tastes. One of the advantages it has is that the surface does not have to be perfectly prepared to achieve a good result.

Example of personalitation a space.

Printed vinyl

This is a relatively new technique since it is like printing any design you want on blank paper. You can print in all colors from its combination CMYK (Cyan, Magento, Yellow and Black) or / and make drawings or phrases of various colors. The vinyls have many advantages because they are easy to place, you can customize them with any design or image, its price is economical, they can often be very elegant, are easily removed and do not need toolslike our Av-Drop system.

Example of personalitation a space.


Curtains play an important role in the decoration of spaces. They offer privacy, insulation and dramatically improve a space. It is vital to ensure that they stand out and convey a sense of space where they are used. It is important to be advised by a professional to reach that result you want to achieve.

Example of personalitation a space.

Modular Panels

This is the last idea on how to personalize a space. Decorative panels are an easy to install and low cost resource with which we can transform any space. We can find models and designs of many styles, with a variety of reliefs or that imitate materials such as brick or wood.

All these ideas can be achieved with the Av-Drop modular system because it can be adapted to almost any need, it can be personalized 100% achieving the best result.
Modular panel.
Another example of one modular panel.


We hope you have found these 5 ideas for decorating a space useful, for more information about backdrops, fabrics, prints etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.


AV-Drop equipment

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