Digital Event: What to have in mind?


Digital Event

Did you plan to hold an event and had to cancel it because of Covid-19?

Before giving up, think about turning your cancelled event into a digital one. Yes, you read right, a digital event. And why not?

Nobody doubts it: the coronavirus crisis has been a turning point in the digitalisation process in the events sector.

So, we have to take advantage of all the benefits that digitalisation offers us and really use them. We were used to making video callsvideoconferences, etc. But now, it’s time to go a step further: to take a chance on digital events.

Reinventing ourselves and looking for new opportunities in digitalisation seem to be the clearest way out in this complex situation we are living.

How to organise a digital event?


Content is key. Defining the relevant content for your audience and your objectives has to be, without a doubt, the first question we have to ask ourselves.



The DNA of events is still to have a common experience. For example: Opening and encouraging question time (with chat or a moderator) and solutions such as surveysbrainstorming or discussion groups.


3. Branding, branding and branding:

It is the process of making and building a brand within and outwith the internet, through advertising and marketing strategies.



4. Shorter times:

Shorter times prioritise dynamism.



5. Break down the barriers from the physical to the digital:

Avoid social distance, even if only metaphorically. Have details with the assistants that can “touch”: merchandisingpersonalised breakfasts


6. Previous communication:

fluid communication, with constant content, to maintain the momentum until the day of the event. The strategy cannot be improvised: it is essential to have it totally defined the day the communication is launched.

7. Backdrop or background:

When the meeting is for a client or a presentation it is recommended to use a background according to the topic that we are going to discuss and in this case the modular system of Av-Drop is a good alternative, because with this product we can personalise the measurements, the image and the form of our background to achieve a more professional result.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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