Installations of large events in record time


How do you build a giant projection screen in just 2 hours?

(12 meters long by 3.6 meters high)

One of the things we like most about our projects is seeing the look of surprise (wow factor) and satisfaction on our clients’ faces when they see just how quickly we can install large structures. On this occasion, we collaborated with ShowTex for the installation of a front projection screen measuring 12 metres wide by 3.6 metres high.

5 key points for large events set-up solutions


1. Speed:

Normally, this type of installation must be completed within a specific timeframe to avoid setbacks and extra costs for the customer.


2. Transport:

For many projects, equipment has to be moved from one city to another or, sometimes, to other countries.


3. Technician and tools:

You have to consider the technicians (sometimes specialised) as well as the tools and material required for setting up the event.


4. Product size:

A giant front projection screen must guarantee a perfect and complete image without any seams or folds.


5. Cost effectiveness:

In today’s market there are many solutions for creating an installation of this type. In conclusion it is important to think about the ecological footprint it leaves.

With these important points you will obtain a solution for large events in a very simple and effective way.

It is unusual for an installation of this size to take only 2 people and a couple of hours for assembly, with only 4 additional people required to stand it up. What’s more, the set-up requires very little effort, no tools and only a flight case for transport.



If you want to create solid structures that are very easy to set up and that will help you to make money and save time, AV-drop can help! We will support you throughout your projects with a system that is easy learn and that offers many different applications.

Installations of large events in record time

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