Wall Dividers for FiturtechY at the Fitur fair


Partition Walls for FiturTechy

Thanks to Ifema and its Fitur fair, AV-Drop and Showtex create partition walls for the FiturtechY space at Fitur: International Tourism Trade Fair at Ifema.

We have created 2 temporary spaces with partition walls for FiturtechY, using a fireproof, permanent and washable Blackout fabric by Showtex. This fabric, just like our AV-Drop system, can be reused many times, making the whole set-up completely environmentally friendly. This is one of the reasons why Ifema chose AV-Drop.

Each room  measures approximately 300 m2, and we used dividers measuring 72 linear metres by 5 metres high.

Preparing our Wall Dividers

Stage design

Thanks to our AV-Drop system, the assembly of the partition walls did not involve the use of any tools (toolless system), installation was very quick and easy, and transportation was straightforward. As an added bonus, AV-Drop is a completely reusable solution.

Our system not only allows us to create modular walls, but we can also create stage backdrops, projection screens, photocalls, free-standing screens and conference rooms.

Wall Divider

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