Stage design for David Bisbal’s “En Tus Planes” Tour


Stage Design for David Bisbal's Tour.

Our AV-Drop system, together with Brutal Events and Somosluz, we have created a compact, fast, easy to assemble and transport stage design.
This stage design has been created for all the live shows that the singer David Bisbal will perform in his tour: En tus planes.
Stage Design

Stage design

Our aim was that this stage design should be very compact and could be transported along the whole tour on a single flightcase. Due to the large number of live shows  that will take place during the tour. The advantages of our system make it very easy to transport and assemble AV-Drop and some black PVC with grey tulle create a perfect set design for this tour.


The stage design is made of 6 modules of 2m wide by 4m high, each of them is divided into 8 symmetrical squares covered with black PVC, adapted with a circle that fits perfectly with the structure. These circles allow the light from the spotlights to pass through, creating a unique lighting effect.

All of this is stored on a flightcase (transport trolley) manufactured in our own workshop. This trolley is used to store all the parts of this structure of 12m wide by 4m high set.


As mentioned above, the same stage design structure will be present in all the live shows  of the tour, because AV-Drop is a fully reusable system.

AV-Drop created this aluminium system to be totally environmentally friendly, due to the possibility to use it several times.If it were made of wood, it would be much more polluting because it would not be possible to reuse these structures so many times.

Live Shows

Finally, the tour will consist of 31 live shows in Spainthe United States and Puerto Rico.The first live show took place in Madrid on 22 June at the WiZink Center and the last one will be in Barcelona on 6 November at the Palau Sant Jordi.

You can buy tickets for any of these concerts on their website.

 Thank you for trusting AV-Drop.

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