AV-Drop & Maori

Maori becomes AV-Drop distributor

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with one of our new partners, Maori, an event company based in Slovenia.

Maori has partnered with AV-Drop to collaborate  on any event, conference to be organized, stage backdrops, wall dividers, conference rooms and much more. Whatever is done by them in Slovenia. In any of these events they will use our system. All this with the purpose of greater mutual benefit and growth.


Because of this partnership, Maori will be our official distributor not only in Slovenia,  it will also help our Modular AV-Drop System to have a presence in other countries. This countries are: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo.


With this alliance we want to expand even further in different countries, with the aim of further growth and learning. We are sure that with this new partnership everything will be positive and beneficial for both companies. So, we are  grateful to our new distributors, Maori, for their confidence in our company AV-Drop.

The first work

One of the works we have designed for Maori, is a conference backdrop This conference  backdrop was created with two wall dividers joined together at a 90 degree angle.

 So, These perfect  wall dividers were made with the purpose of forming a wonderful  backdrop for a conference room. Also, as you can see from the images we have shared with you, the result looks amazing and satisfactory for both sides. 


This project was designed by AV-Drop employees, except for the printing, which was done by one of our collabator companies. This partner company is called EinaPrint, and they provide us digital printing services in all projects and designs because they are very good at their job.

To finish, we thank Maori for their collaboration and we invite you to discover more about our AV-Drop Modular System

For any doubt, new project or negotiation , please contact us through the following link.


The AV-Drop team.

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