La Mercè 2021

La Mercè Portada

AV-Drop creates 9 cubes for La Mercè 2021

AV-Drop will feature at the 150th anniversary of La Mercè, from 24 to 26 September in Barcelona.

 We are very pleased to announce that AV-Drop will be taking part  in a festival as important as La Mercè! For this special occasion, our team has created the structure for a total of 9 cubes out of 4-sided enclosures, each measuring of 3 x 2 m. The cubes were finished with Flex BB fabric on the exterior, which was printed by Metacrilato Barcelona 

Together, the AV-Drop structure, the fabric and the prints produce an outstanding display.


As it is the 150th anniversary, La Mercè wanted to commemorate its entire history, starting from its beginnings in 1871 to the present day. The 9 informative cubes are divided into 3 groups, each explaining a different period:

1. Blue cubes, from 1871 to 1935.

2. Green cubes, from 1939 to 1978.

3. Orange cubes, from 1975 to 2021.

These 9 cubes will be moved to different locations in Barcelona, so that they can be viewed by everyone in the city. Thanks to the fact that our AV-Drop system is very easy to assemble, lightweight and reusable, they can be relocated without trouble.


First, on Friday 24 October, three green, three blue and three orange cubes will be placed on Passeig de Gràcia. On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26, one cube of each colour will be placed in Ciutadella, Joan Miró and Palau de la Virreina.
 Thanks to La Mercè to trust in AV-Drop system, we love to be part of this project

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