Printed Stage Backdrops for EACTS 2021

Printed Stage Backdrops set up for EACTS, with our AV-Drop system.

One of our clients, ShowTex Spain, have set up some printed stage backdrops for the 35th annual congress of EACTS (European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery) at the CCIB. AV-Drop has been present at this congress as the stage backdrops, which together made up 6 different conference rooms, have been made with our system.

These printed backdrops together represent more than 100 linear meters and have a height of up to 5,5 m.

All of them have front projection screens and customized prints.

 Printed Stage Backdrop with front projection screen for EACTS.

Where was the congress held?

The EACTS annual congress took place at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) from 13 to 16 October.

Due to all this time without being able to carry out any kind of events because of Covid-19, we have not been able to enjoy any congress like this one. Thanks to all this positive evolution of coronavirus, EACTS has held the first major medical congress in Barcelona after the start of the pandemic.

What is EACTS?

The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) is a membership organisation dedicated to the practice of cardiothoracic surgery. The mission of the association is to advance education in the field of cardiac, thoracic and vascular interventions; and to promote research in cardiovascular and thoracic physiology, pathology and therapy, with the aim of correlating and disseminating results for public benefit.


For any project, doubt or question, you can contact us using the contact form. Besides from our AV-Drop Pro and Starter Kit, we also design customised backdrops, conference rooms, photocalls and any kind of structures for conferences .

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