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What is it?

Modular backdrop system

Av-Drop is the result of 15 years of investigation, designing and installing structures for events. Over this period, our modular backdrop system has proven to be a solid, reliable and successful in many countries.

For walls dividers, photocalls...

Designed to be swiftly setup and dismounted easily by combining a very reduced number of pieces and parts. It counts with a performing customer service that includes from design to training. We work on custom-made projects to bring our clients the best solution.

Cost-effective and reusable solution

In the event industry, where scenography setups are still built by means of wood, hammers and nails, Av-Drop emerges as an extremely solid and cost-effective alternative made of resistant aluminum and fabrics.

Save time

Faster than light

  • Speed up the installation time

  • So quick to setup you wouldn’t believe it

  • Optimized for transports and lifts

Save materials

Eco friendly

  • Just aluminum and fabrics

  • Endlessly reusable

  • No wood and leftovers

Save space

Extremely compact

  • Takes no space in your warehouse

  • Disassembled size: 1’75 x 1’75 x 1’20

  • Flight and trolley case available

Save effort

Make it easy!

  • 100% modular

  • Components snap together with a click

  • Loads and unloads effortlessly

  • No complex training

  • Few workers required

Save money

Be smart

  • Reusable system adaptable to each event. Height up to 6,5 m, with no limit

  • Free standing structure

  • Monetize your investment in no time

  • Maximize productivity

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