Structures for Events

Wall Dividers joined together to create a 90-degree angle.

Structures for events / Coex & AV-Drop

Coex has created multiple structures for events since acquiring our AV-Drop PRO kit. These structures have included stage backdrops, dividing walls, conference rooms, etc., and each one has had its own distinctive shape or design thanks to the multiple possibilities offered by AV-Drop PRO.


This time we are going to show you the work they recently did for xEV Trend Korea 2022, which took place on 19 March. The theme of the event was the importance of embracing electric cars due to climate change.

Conference Room

First of all, we’d like to show you this conference room, which is rather unusual as it is not completely enclosed, instead it has just two walls.


One of the walls has an angular finish, giving it a distinctive shape. The other wall could easily be a stage backdrop when used alone, and it has a front projection screen. These two walls in addition to the floor create a unique conference room.

Conference Room made up of two walls.

Wall Dividers

This fantastic finish is made up of two wall dividers joined together to create a 90-degree angle, set up with the AV-Drop system. Structures such as these dividing walls help to enhance the event and create a striking visual highlight for the main focus, which in this case was the cars.

Wall Dividers joined together to create a 90-degree angle.

Stage Backdrop and Pop-Up Backdrops

For xEV Trend Korea 2022, Coex also created this stage backdrop with the idea of decorating the stage in a way that highlights all things environmentally friendly by modelling it on a campsite. In addition to the backdrop, they also created pop-up backdrops with curved shapes, produced using the additional pieces supplied with the AV-Drop PRO kit.

Stage Backdrop and pop-up backdrops with curved shapes.

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