The Stage Design you need

AV-Drop Pro


AV-Drop pro is our most complete kit. In addition to our Starter Kit and our custom designs projects (conference rooms, divider walls, stage backdrops…). We have this kit that will allow you to create an infinity of designs, which is formed by 3 flightcases that contain the necessary pieces to create your stage backdrops with even more variety of possibilities.  We put at your disposal different designs and creations of stage backdrops, but you can innovate yourselves and create the backdrop that best suits your event or conferenceCoex is one of our distributors and they have 2 AV-Drop Pro kits. With them they have made these backdrops that we show you and many more.

A Modular System to create your Stage Design

AV-Drop is an innovative system with which you can create your stage design. This system is made of aluminium pieces with anchors, which together allow you to create multiple structures. In addition to your stage backdrop, it allows you to create and set up photocalls, conference rooms, wall dividers

It is an innovative system, as it is designed to facilitate the work when setting it up and transporting it. Its pieces are specifically designed to fit together without the need for any tools. That is why AV-Drop, stands out as a differential system to the rest.

Advantages of our Stage Design

1. Tool-less System

2. Completely easy to set up and break down.

3. Very easy to transport with our flightcases.

4. Fully reusable.