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AV-Drop is the ultimate solution to say,  without tools. Introducing the wonderful  tool-free, reusable, and completely   eco-friendly   mounting system. Whether you run a large corporation. Or want to have a personal portable stage backdrop. You probably know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find the right head for your screwdriver. Or you start losing multiple screws along the way. All this without thinking about the hours it takes to set up and take down a new backdrop. And how expensive the whole process must be.

Unlike classic backdrops, AV-Drop uses technology so you don’t have to worry about tools. Assembly, and storage. The only tools you need are your hands .



First and foremost, the locking mechanism, this feature allows for easy, fast and stable assembly and disassembly. The locking mechanism also reduces vibrations and structural forces. This system is designed to allow for easy reconfiguration and expansion, making it easy for a small inexperienced team to assemble.

AV-Drop, as mentioned above, is easy to assemble, disassemble and requires no tools. But what we were missing is that this process, can be done an indefinite number of times. Which makes our product, apart from being practical. Completely ecological and environmentally friendly.

AV-Drop is the only Trey fixture on the market, with interlocking components that simply slide. Together, and maintain excellent stability. The heavy-duty aluminium frames, and quick-fit commercial light brackets. Have passed the strength test, with flying colours and have been given the tool-free seal of approval.

The mounting brackets for these trays, are made with BCN’s, tool-free mounting tool, and the commercial brackets are manufactured and distributed exclusively by AV-drop supply, a trusted leader in the supply of indoor backdrops since 2005. The joint, known as the connecting piece, slides along the aluminium profile, where it is fixed and locked on both sides with a safety pin, allowing the pieces to fit together with a simple click. So put away your flat screwdriver and rubber hammer, because AV-Drop doesn’t need them.

If you are interested in our product, have any questions or would like to join our team, please do not hesitate to contact us through this link.

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