Looking for the right tools to assemble the new backdrop you bought? It can be frustrating when you can’t find the right head for your screwdriver or when you lose a screw or two (literally!). No one likes to build backdrops when it’s complicated and takes a long time. Why bother with a problem like that when you could avoid it?

AV-DROP uses a technology so you don’t have to worry about the tools, and assembly and storage are easy. The only tools you need are your hands.


The tool-less locking mechanism is a feature that allows easy, quick and stable assembly or disassembly. The locking mechanism also reduces vibration and strengthens the structure. This system is designed to allow easy reconfiguration and expansion and a small, inexperienced team can easily assemble this product. Another bonus is that it can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly without damage to the parts.

Without the need for tools, assembly is a breeze. Simply grab the parts and put them together in no time. Our easy to assemble backdrops can be assembled or disassembled anytime, anywhere. This exclusive and patented fast fit is the one and only Trey’s fixture on the market with interlocking components that simply slide and maintain excellent stability. The high-strength aluminium frames and quick-adjusting commercial light fixtures have passed the strength test with flying colours and obtained the tool-less seal of approval.

This tray mounting brackets are made on BCN’s lightweight tool assembly tool and trade brackets are manufactured and distributed exclusively by AV-drop supply, a trusted leader in providing backdrops for interiors since 2005. The gasket, known as the Union Piece, slides along the aluminium profile where it is fixed and locked on both sides with a safety pin, allowing the pieces to snap together with a simple click. So save your flathead screwdriver and your rubber hammer, because Av-drop doesn’t need it.

With this system you can assemble and disassemble the backdrops where and when you want an infinite number of times, with multiple options of shapes and sizes. Interior corners, exterior corners, double wall, angles, curves, etc. Everything you can imagine.

Connect to AV-DROP today to find an authorized av-drop distributor near you from the industry’s trusted AV-drop brand manufacturers, the revolutionary light assembly without the need for tools and tracking brackets.


Image of Pavlofox

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