LR3 Experience / 080 BCN Fashion

Sala principal donde los visitantes disfrutan de la experiencia inmersiva.

Our AV-Drop system has been used to assemble and create the structures of this exit tunnel and the rooms of the LR3 Experience. All of this has been put together by ShowTex Spain for the 30th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. 


These rooms are the space within which the virtual reality LR3 Experience takes place. In them, people have been able to experience this unique activity to enjoy fashion in a different way.  


The tunnel, made using two modular walls, acts as the final exit of the entire route, creating the best set of rooms and structures for the occasion.  


LR3 Experience

It is a journey that merges technology, art and fashion. This collection focuses on the union and mixture of volume, proportions, movement and colours. 

The Sant Pau site has been commissioned to host this tour that brings together the real and the virtual in a single activity and experience.  


The main colour of the experience is orange, as can be clearly seen. This colour acts as an anchor point between the virtual world and the real world throughout the tour. After crossing an orange curtain, we walk into the first room, an eerily aesthetic room lit in orange and with a whitish smoke hanging in the air. Inside, visitors sit on stools facing the screen wearing virtual reality goggles to begin this immersive experience. 


Then, visitors walk along an orange carpet to enter the next room, where they find a plasma screen projecting characters wearing clothes from the collection. 


The last room brings the previous one to life, transforming the virtual reality bodies into mannequins suspended in the air wearing the same clothes they were wearing on the screen.  

This entire route ends in an exit tunnel with naked bodies printed onto the two modular walls. 

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