Keys to a new normal event


An event will reflect your identity and convey brand value to all visitors


One of the first things you should think for a normal event.  About is the concept you want to convey and how the design will communicate those feelings. It is a process whose main purpose is to project products or services in an aesthetic and attractive way.

Planning, space and decoration is one of the keys for an event. But design is the form, it must be pampered and cared for. If it is right, a good space design has the power to give life to the event. And change the atmosphere of a previously empty or neutral place.

Within the design we also have technical elements and details such as scenery, sound, lighting. And perhaps a multimedia section, all this must be combined so that the result is more impressive. And is also what marks the placement. Of the elements, decoration, lighting and even the location of staff.



When it comes to organizing important professional or personal events, improvisation is never good. The importance of a good event organization is highlighted. When the failures, nerves and mistakes start. There’s another one of the keys for an event.

Having experts in event organization can be a great help. Because you need knowledge, service providers and organizational protocols.



Having a clear budget is another of the most important factors, because the limit of what you can do depends on it and you will avoid mistakes or surprises at the end of the event. Having a very clear number of guests and type of activity will help to better determine the final value of the event.

Ability to adopt prevention and control measures.

To know the current norms of the realization of events within the new normality. Here you will find recommendations communicated by the government for events and mass activities in the context of the new normality by covid-19 in Spain.


It is also a priority to have the dates of the event on the table so that we have enough time to have everything ready for the day of the launch and to make a realistic plan and timetable. It is recommended to select an appropriate date and time that fits the calendar and to establish an agenda for the event this will avoid attendees leaving in a hurry or getting bored, and get the best result of the event.



The place where the event will take place is another aspect to be considered, such as comfort, access for guests, public services, etc. The space represents an important percentage of the perception that the attendees will have of the event and if it is done in the correct way we will create a link with the guests and the brand.

In case the location is not the best we can create spaces through Av-Drop that work as a blank canvas for everything we want to create because this modular system is 100% customisable and its price for rent or purchase is very competitive and guarantees an incomparable event.

The attention to detail of the space, the decoration, the light, the food, the atmosphere, the music….etc we think will make the event a unique experience and more difficult to forget.

To finish it is always good to have a plan B, unexpected problems can always happen. One of the guarantees we will have when hiring professionals is the experience because places, materials or people can fail.



What your space is like? To know how many light bulbs you need

  1. Lighting Plan To know how to distribute the lighting in the space.
  2. Illumination Plan this will confirm how many light bulbs you will need, will help you plan how to distribute the lighting in the space.
  3. Effects and tones Depending on the concept we must see if we want a warm or cold light and depending on the direction of the event what type of tonal ranges we are going to use.
  4. Contrasts and interaction A factor to consider in how the beams of light create space and how the elements within the event combine with each other.
  5. Appropriate material The lighting must be in line with the image of the brand and with the idea of the event to be consistent and elegant to create an experience to the attendees.



The objects that we introduce in our space will set the personality of the eventDecoration, structures, furniture … etc can give character to the design.

Play with bold shapes: A sculpture or object that does not have a classic square, circular or triangular shape can give personality and modernity to the space.

The proportions are important: Adjusting the scale and size of the objects distributed in the space is fundamental to create harmony and have a great visual impact.



Another essential element is colour. Choosing the right colour palette is essential. Colour must be incorporated into key objects in our space, such as decoration, materials used, signs, menus or light itself.

Working with different shades of the same colour is an interesting way to give cohesion to the aesthetics of the space. Also, using complementary colours will play with giving accents and contrasts to the design.

Choosing different textures, prints or mosaics helps to differentiate elements, give personality and avoid looking boring with the use of black or white or spot colours.

These keys for an event are the ones you should keep in mind the most.


The company that offers the best infrastructure

One of the things to think about is what kind of structures will be used for the event because it is possible to use a backdrop, a room for a conferencecorridors to direct people or any ideas you may have. For this type of solution Av-Drop is perfect! Av-drop is an international company (based in Barcelona), it is a modular, ecological and 100% customisable system. It is currently marketed worldwide and as an investment or to rent, is the best in its sector.


References for the recommendations for the realisation of events in the framework of the new normality:

1. World Health Organization (WHO) Key Planning Recommendations for Mass Gatherings in the context of COVID-19. May 2020. Available at this link
2. United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Considerations for Events and Gatherings. Available at this link.
3. European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Guidelines for the use of non-pharmaceutical measures to delay and mitigate the impact of 2019-nCOV. February 2020. Available at this link.

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