Intertek Certificate for AV Drop

AV Drop is very proud to announce that we have been awarded with an Intertek Germany certificate for meeting the requirements of General and Technical tests. Intertek is an independent certification company and expert in providing quality assurance, with worldwide presence.

AV Drop passed two kind of technical tests: Impact Stability Test and Force Stability Test for Freestanding Screens.

In the Impact Stability Test, an impactor with a weight of 22,7kg, is swung through a horizontal distance of 610mm to hit the face of the panel of AV Drop at a height of 1.321mm. The panel system did not tip over. Therefore, the test was passed successfully.

Regarding the Force Stability Test for Freestanding Screens, a force was applied at a height of 1.372mm and gradually increased until 178N are reached or the product tilts to 10˚ minimum, whichever occurs first. The screen shall not tip over. Concerning AV Drop, with one sandbag the panel started to top over at 112N. With 2 sand bags (a weight that AV Drop always advises to use) the test was passed: the force was stopped after reaching 200N and the angle of inclination was 6.5˚.

This accreditation is very important for us.

AV Drop is a safe and stable structure, and we want our customers to trust us. With Intertek, we can now rely on an external expert to build up the confidence among our users.

Very good news for the modular backdrop system brand indeed. In fact, when you build such huge structures, safety is one of the most important points when your company chooses the kind of backdrop that will be used. Safety is important for your workers, your clients and the people present on the day of the event as well. Security is always essential.

This accreditation from Intertek includes, apart from those technical tests, an approval in 2 more areas: easy installation and good workmanship. Therefore, we have now an international certification that recognizes the benefits of our modular system: easy set-up, structure stability and -more important- that you don’t need a technician specialist to install a backdrop.