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5 key points highlighting the solution to large event installations

How do you build a giant projection screen in just 2 hours?

(12 meters long by 3.6 meters high)

One of the things we like most about the projects we do is to see the look of surprise (wow factor) and satisfaction that our customers have when they see the simplicity and speed of our system. On this occasion we have collaborated with Showtex in the assembly of a front projection screen that is 12 metres long and 3.6 metres high.


The wow factor from AV-DROP on Vimeo.


The great challenges and things to take into account in this type of assembly are

1. Speed:

Normally this type of installation is carried out in a time frame that must be respected and complied with in order to avoid inconveniences and extra costs for the customer.

2. Transport:

In many projects, the material must be moved from one city to another or sometimes to other countries.

3. Technician and tools:

Technician (sometimes specialised) must be taken into account as well as the tools and material necessary for the assembly of the event.

4. Product size:

A giant front projection screen must guarantee a perfect and complete image where there are no seams or folds.

5. Cost effectiveness:

In today's market there are many solutions for creating an installation of this type. It is important to think about the ecological footprint it leaves.



It is unusual that for a structure of this size only 2 workers and a couple of hours of assembly are needed and 4 more people to be able to put it up with hardly any effort, without tools and using only one flightcase for its transport.

If you want to create a solid structure which is very easy to assemble and which also helps you earn money and save time, Av-drop help and accompany you from the beginning to the end because this tool is very easy to learn and has many applications.


What's the circular economy and how can it be applied to events?

What is the circular economy?

It is the way in which we make the most of the resources we use for the production of goods and services intended for human consumption, minimising them to the absolute minimum, and when it is necessary to make use of the product, committing ourselves to the reuse of those elements which, due to their properties, cannot be returned to the environment.
The key lies in the efficiency of the use we make of the materials we obtain from the environment, taking into account the environment's capacity for recovery, prolonging the useful life of things through the foundations of sustainable development.

Basics of the circular economy

1. Waste is transformed into a resource

All biodegradable material is returned to nature and non-biodegradable material is reused.

2. Reuse

Reusing waste or parts of it, for the manufacture of new products.

3. The repair

Finding a second life for damaged products.

4. Recycling

Use the materials found in the waste.

5. Economy of functionality

Eliminate the sale of products in many cases to implement a rental system. When the product finishes its main function, it returns to the company, which will dismantle it to reuse its valid parts.

6. Energy from renewable sources

Use of renewable energy sources for manufacturing, reuse and recycling.

How could it be applied to events?

Currently many of the events that are held have not been designed to recycle, reuse, reduce. This was one of the reasons that gave life to Av-Drop because its base material is aluminum instead of wood so it is the best alternative to reuse a structure that is used in any event, it can be used for almost any structure that is necessary; photocalls, stage backgrounds, corridors, halls, projection screens, dividing walls and many more applications that are not only pertinent to events, it is also useful in museums, schools, universities, airports, etc.

One of Av- Drop's goals is to help build a global movement of people who use business to make a positive impact on the world. And this movement makes us more aware of the importance of being more than just a company. We have in our hands the ability to create a positive impact on the environment and to use the power of business for environmental good.

Now more than ever we need more companies, which have a legitimate and clearly defined purpose. All companies must actively help their communities and work in a focused manner to minimise their negative impact on the planet.



Do you want to set up your own backdrop to record videos? But don't know how?

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Here are three examples of possible ideas that could help you.

We are going to explain how to set up different backdrops. It's actually quite simple, you just need to have the right tools, some space to work and a place to store everything afterwards.

But first: What is a backdrop?

It is a very useful resource for any video or event, whether live or virtual, it can be used to achieve multiple effects, from creating a feeling of open space or recreating, for example, a blue sea.

It can be made of different materials:


01. Wood:

A backdrop made of wood can any length and width you wish, although we recommend that it is 3mm thick maximum, any thinker would be too heavy and bulky. You can order it in any carpentry shop or in large do-it-yourself stores.

Its advantages:

  • Nothing will give you more freedom to assemble a decoration: gluing, nailing, hanging things... (on a wall it is difficult to tension fabric, if you have to use one, often impossible to use nails without marking it or due to the material of the wall, simply impossible ..)
    You can prepare it days in advance; this will make your work much easier on the day of the event or recording, especially if the backdrop is very elaborate.
    The wall or glass behind it will not be in any danger of staining, peeling or breaking.

Your disadvantages:

  • The storage, although being flat it might be difficult to find a corner in a storage room or terrace, properly protected.
    If it has to be transported, it requires, depending on the size, a large vehicle.
    It will be complicated to make another type of design or shape.
  • You can decorate it in many ways, we suggest to cover it with fabric, you will find this easily, very cheaply and in all colours in costume shop. To be able to cover it with fabric, an upholstery stapler is essential, it will allow you to tighten and nail the fabric all around the dashboard.
  • Then you have to use your imagination to decorate it...
  • You can use a white sheet or even leave it with nothing, wood is a lovely material.


Photo source: Pat - Paspartu
Photo source: Pat - Paspartu
Photo source: Pat - Paspartu




02. PVC pipes:

Another way of making an original backdrop is by using PVC pieces, which you can find at La Ferre.


Here we leave a list of the material that will be needed:

  1. 5 PVC tubes of 2 meters by Ø1,5 cm or Ø2 cm.
  2. 4 Graft (or T-pieces) of PVC of Ø1,5 cm or Ø2 cm.
  3. 2 PVC elbows of Ø1.5 cm or Ø2 cm.
  4. 4 Ø1.5 cm or Ø2 cm PVC plugs.


These pieces will have to be cut into the following socks:

  1. 3 2-metre PVC tubes in half, leaving two 1-metre tubes.


You can use a miter saw, a hacksaw or a tube cutter to cut the pieces yourself. Or, you can go to a hardware store and have it made.

Start by attaching a 1-metre piece to one end of the T-piece. Add another 1 metre piece to the other end. Put lids on both ends. Repeat. These are the legs of the base of the backdrop.

Then connect a 1 metre piece to the leg support and add another T-piece. Connect another 1 metre piece and repeat for the other leg of the support.

Using the two T-pieces in the centre of the legs, connect one of the 2 metre pieces to each side of the legs of the stand. Using the two elbow pieces, add the remaining 2 metre piece to the top of the frame, and we should have it!

This bracket fits very well on small backdrops. You will need some support staples to keep your backdrop in place. You can get them online or at any hardware store.


Your advantages:

  • It takes up little space
    Can be assembled and disassembled in a short time
    Fully foldable and mobile

Its drawbacks:

  • Requires time and money, cutting the pieces to size
    It is only adaptable for one size
    Not much stability


Note: the measurements we propose are optional, you can choose the measurements that best suit your needs.


Photo source: Jenna Designs
Photo source: Jenna Designs




03. Av-Drop:

A system that is based on the modularity of aluminium pieces, it is assembled and creates any type of stage backdrop with great versatility of forms. It is also compatible with a wide range of materials for decoration. It does not need any kind of tools because it includes the necessary parts to join them, making installation and relocation very simple. It is the best solution for making a stage backdrop if you are looking for a good investment.

Your advantages:

  • Small footprint
  • Very easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Fully foldable and mobile
  • Saves time
  • No tools needed
  • It is ecological
  • Easy to transport

Its drawbacks:

  • It is an investment


What's a hybrid event?

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What is the future of hybrid events beyond Covid?

Hybrid events combine a "live" event with a "virtual" component, such as a fair, conference, seminar or workshop. We all participate in hybrid events without even realising it, for example, the Olympic Games, sports matches and games (Wimbledon, The US Open, The FIFA World Cup, NBA), music concerts and news and political coverage among many others.


These are some of the benefits that our clients have seen when performing hybrid events:

Increased participation:

An online event opens up many more opportunities to enjoy the content of an event.


A virtual event has a global reach.


Attendees can interact and enjoy content when, how and where they choose.


With current tools we can see and evaluate the scope of the event online.


Due to the scope of a virtual event we can get more brands to want to be part of the event and we can create activities for viewers to participate; real-time networking rooms, question and answer sessions, etc.


Online events reduce unnecessary travel by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Branded content creation:

All captured and recorded material can be reused throughout the year in different ways, helping to promote future events and keep attendees engaged between events.

There is no doubt that live events are very important for our industry, however, a virtual event will be part of the future. Currently with the Av-Drop system it is possible to create backdrops, rooms and everything you can imagine to make a virtual event have the same impact as a live one and we have all the experience to make it possible.


Is a hybrid event more expensive?

They are on average 25 to 40 percent less expensive than live events in addition to saving on travel and expenses.


How do I interact with the audience during the hybrid events?

Two-way interaction is one of the keys to all virtual events because we can conduct live seminars, real-time networking rooms, live conversations with question and answer sessions bringing the audience closer together within the show. It is important to define beforehand the type of offer that the virtual assistants will have in order to give them a complete experience and to count on professionals so that nothing fails during the transmissions.

How has Covid helped the hybrid events?

Covid has revolutionised the event industry, changing the global landscape enormously in a matter of months. Since the beginning of the pandemic, hundreds of events have been postponed and cancelled around the world. Without a clear vision of when this crisis will end, many organisations have begun to hold hybrid and entirely virtual events.

This has caused event companies to evolve and step forward by training their teams and providing networking opportunities, the need to evolve has been a critical factor for businesses. Having as main objective, to guarantee the security of their events for the benefit of all.


All events must adopt new policies and procedures to minimise physical contact and protect the well-being of staff, attendees and artists.

080 Fashion Barcelona 2020


Keys for an event in new normal

An event will reflect your identity and convey brand value to all visitors

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One of the first things you should think about is the concept you want to convey and how the design will communicate those feelings. It is a process whose main purpose is to project products or services in an aesthetic and attractive way.

Planning, space and decoration are key to an event, but design is the form, it must be pampered and cared for. If it is right, a good space design has the power to give life to the event and change the atmosphere of a previously empty or neutral place.

Within the design we also have technical elements and details such as scenery, sound, lighting and perhaps a multimedia section, all this must be combined so that the result is more impressive and is also what marks the placement of the elements, decoration, lighting and even the location of staff.



When it comes to organizing important professional or personal events, improvisation is never good. The importance of a good event organization is highlighted when the failures, nerves and mistakes start.

Having experts in event organization can be a great help because you need knowledge, service providers and organizational protocols.



Having a clear budget is another of the most important factors, because the limit of what you can do depends on it and you will avoid mistakes or surprises at the end of the event. Having a very clear number of guests and type of activity will help to better determine the final value of the event.

Ability to adopt prevention and control measures.

To know the current norms of the realization of events within the new normality. Here you will find recommendations communicated by the government for events and mass activities in the context of the new normality by covid-19 in Spain.


It is also a priority to have the dates of the event on the table so that we have enough time to have everything ready for the day of the launch and to make a realistic plan and timetable. It is recommended to select an appropriate date and time that fits the calendar and to establish an agenda for the event this will avoid attendees leaving in a hurry or getting bored, and get the best result of the event.


The place where the event will take place is another aspect to be considered, such as comfort, access for guests, public services, etc. The space represents an important percentage of the perception that the attendees will have of the event and if it is done in the correct way we will create a link with the guests and the brand.

In case the location is not the best we can create spaces through Av-Drop that work as a blank canvas for everything we want to create because this modular system is 100% customisable and its price for rent or purchase is very competitive and guarantees an incomparable event.

The attention to detail of the space, the decoration, the light, the food, the atmosphere, the music....etc we think will make the event a unique experience and more difficult to forget.

To finish it is always good to have a plan B, unexpected problems can always happen. One of the guarantees we will have when hiring professionals is the experience because places, materials or people can fail.




What your space is like? To know how many light bulbs you need

  1. Lighting Plan To know how to distribute the lighting in the space.
  2. Illumination Plan this will confirm how many light bulbs you will need, will help you plan how to distribute the lighting in the space.
  3. Effects and tones Depending on the concept we must see if we want a warm or cold light and depending on the direction of the event what type of tonal ranges we are going to use.
  4. Contrasts and interaction A factor to consider in how the beams of light create space and how the elements within the event combine with each other.
  5. Appropriate material The lighting must be in line with the image of the brand and with the idea of the event to be consistent and elegant to create an experience to the attendees.


The objects that we introduce in our space will set the personality of the event. Decoration, structures, furniture ... etc can give character to the design.

Play with bold shapes: A sculpture or object that does not have a classic square, circular or triangular shape can give personality and modernity to the space.

The proportions are important: Adjusting the scale and size of the objects distributed in the space is fundamental to create harmony and have a great visual impact.





Another essential element is colour. Choosing the right colour palette is essential. Colour must be incorporated into key objects in our space, such as decoration, materials used, signs, menus or light itself.

Working with different shades of the same colour is an interesting way to give cohesion to the aesthetics of the space. Also, using complementary colours will play with giving accents and contrasts to the design.

Choosing different textures, prints or mosaics helps to differentiate elements, give personality and avoid looking boring with the use of black or white or spot colours.

The company that offers the best infrastructure

One of the things to think about is what kind of structures will be used for the event because it is possible to use a backdrop, a room for a conference, corridors to direct people or any ideas you may have. For this type of solution Av-Drop is perfect! Av-drop is an international company (based in Barcelona), it is a modular, ecological and 100% customisable system. It is currently marketed worldwide and as an investment or to rent, is the best in its sector.


References for the recommendations for the realisation of events in the framework of the new normality:

1. World Health Organization (WHO) Key Planning Recommendations for Mass Gatherings in the context of COVID-19. May 2020. Available at this link
2. United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Considerations for Events and Gatherings. Available at this link.
3. European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Guidelines for the use of non-pharmaceutical measures to delay and mitigate the impact of 2019-nCOV. February 2020. Available at this link.



Digital Event: What to have in mind?

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Did you plan to hold an event and had to cancel it because of Covid-19? Before giving up, think about turning your cancelled event into a digital one. Yes, you read right, a digital event. And why not?

Nobody doubts it: the coronavirus crisis has been a turning point in the digitalisation process in the events sector.

So, we have to take advantage of all the benefits that digitalisation offers us and really use them. We were used to making video calls, videoconferences, etc. But now, it's time to go a step further: to take a chance on digital events.

Reinventing ourselves and looking for new opportunities in digitalisation seem to be the clearest way out in this complex situation we are living.

How to organise a digital event?


Content is key. Defining the relevant content for your audience and your objectives has to be, without a doubt, the first question we have to ask ourselves.



The DNA of events is still to have a common experience. For example: Opening and encouraging question time (with chat or a moderator) and solutions such as surveys, brainstorming or discussion groups.


3. Branding, branding and branding:

It is the process of making and building a brand within and outwith the internet, through advertising and marketing strategies


4. Shorter times:

Shorter times prioritise dynamism.


5. Break down the barriers from the physical to the digital:

Avoid social distance, even if only metaphorically. Have details with the assistants that can "touch": merchandising, personalised breakfasts...



6. Previous communication:

A fluid communication, with constant content, to maintain the momentum until the day of the event. The strategy cannot be improvised: it is essential to have it totally defined the day the communication is launched.


7. Backdrop or background:

When the meeting is for a client or a presentation it is recommended to use a background according to the topic that we are going to discuss and in this case the modular system of Av-Drop is a good alternative, because with this product we can personalise the measurements, the image and the form of our background to achieve a more professional result.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Our partner Eliot at Drape Kings presenting one of Av-Drop's - Nuestro compañero Eliot en Drape Kings presentando una de las piezas de Av-Drop


by Clint Hess

7 tips to improve online meetings

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To help you conduct more productive online meetings, here are seven tips that can be implemented immediately.

Working from home is the daily bread of many. Whether it is because of the pandemic or because the convenience of this way of work has made them rethink their daily lives in a more permanent way, the fact is that there is nothing new about this, and having a good tool for videoconferencing is crucial.

There are many programs for videoconferencing such as Google Hangouts, Jitsi, Skype, Microsoft Teams... we are going to focus on talking about Zoom.

This platform is one of the most flexible at the moment, since the participants do not need to register to be part of a video conference or virtual meeting and they can participate in a meeting through their computer or mobile devices.

Although it has various payment plans, its free version is also very complete, as it allows up to 100 participants and unlimited meetings per day, but with a maximum duration of 40 minutes each. In addition, its screen sharing option or its option to use a cell phone as a webcam is ideal for business meetings.

How does it work?


Perhaps it is a good time to review what our meetings are like and try to make them more productive. We propose 7 tips that will help you continue building relationships on a daily basis and achieve that goal:


The quality of the meetings falls as the number of attendees increases. For this reason it is important to invite the people who should really be at the meeting.

by Darya Semenova

2. Preparation:

Why don't we prepare an agenda with the questions and topics to be discussed? This will help us to have a more effective meeting and will allow us to decide who has to be present.

by Juliette Lagache

3. Duration:

It is important that the meetings last as long as possible so that no stress or frustration is generated. In addition, it is estimated that our attention span decreases exponentially after 45 minutes.

4. Active Moderation:

It is essential to distinguish between attendees and participants. The key is to involve the attendees and try to ensure that everyone can contribute, avoid questions such as: Does anyone have anything else to add? or Any comments on this?

by Nadin M.

5. Participation:

Muting our microphone when we are not speaking. By silencing ourselves we avoid disturbing noise and contribute to the clarity of the speaker's message at that moment.

by Noelle Blatz

6. Opinions and suggestions:

What could we do to improve? All feedback is welcome. Any constructive contribution will help us to organise more effective meetings in the future.

by Theoni Michael

7. Backdrop or background:

When the meeting is for a client or a presentation it is recommended to use a background according to the topic that we are going to discuss and in this case the modular system of Av-Drop is a good alternative, because with this product we can personalise the measurements, the image and the form of our background to achieve a more professional result.

080 Barcelona Fashion 2020


080 Fashion Barcelona 2020

Have a good meeting!

office people post it

5 ideas to decorate a space

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The personalisation of an environment can awaken so many feelings and is key to achieving the goal we want to communicate

When we think about space divisions we know that there are several options, wood, plasterboard, glass, sliding doors, curtains, furniture, modular systems (Av-Drop) and so on. And your decoration will define the feeling of the space. We present our 5 favourite hacks for further personalising a space.


The perfect way to immediately change a space - very useful, relatively inexpensive and versatile. With paint, we can decorate spaces in many different ways, watercolor effect, decorative rollers, patterns, paint stamps, etc. or that at the same time have a double function as slate paint. The key is to previously prepare the surface in order to obtain the desired effect depending on the technique we want to use.


<img src=“color.jpg” alt=“office-av-drop” title=“office-av-drop”>
link de la foto:

Decorative paper

Hanging wallpaper is a good option to renew your spaces because of its great variety of colors and designs. According to its design, format and class it is applied in a different way and there are a variety of models for all tastes. One of the advantages it has is that the surface does not have to be perfectly prepared to achieve a good result.


<img src=“vinilooficina.jpg” alt=“office-av-drop” title=“office-av-drop”>

Printed vinyl

This is a relatively new technique since it is like printing any design you want on blank paper. You can print in all colors from its combination CMYK (Cyan, Magento, Yellow and Black) or / and make drawings or phrases of various colors. The vinyls have many advantages because they are easy to place, you can customize them with any design or image, its price is economical, they can often be very elegant, are easily removed and do not need tools, like our Av-Drop system.

<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“office-av-drop” title=“office-av-drop”>


Curtains play an important role in the decoration of spaces. They offer privacy, insulation and dramatically improve a space. It is vital to ensure that they stand out and convey a sense of space where they are used. It is important to be advised by a professional to reach that result you want to achieve.

<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“office-av-drop” title=“office-av-drop”>
Link de la foto:

Modular Panels

Decorative panels are an easy to install and low cost resource with which we can transform any space. We can find models and designs of many styles, with a variety of reliefs or that imitate materials such as brick or wood.

All these ideas can be achieved with the Av-Drop modular system because it can be adapted to almost any need, it can be personalized 100% achieving the best result.


<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“office-av-drop” title=“office-av-drop”>


Integrated Systems Events - ISE - changes from february to june - Barcelona 2121

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The ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) event is postponed to June, with dates to be confirmed, together with RISE Digital.

Due to the current situation and after many conversations it has come to the conclusion to continue with the event in Barcelona, but with another date, it changes of February to June hoping that people of other continents can participate in the event and that the current situation this but controlled.

For the organization, one of the main concerns is the welfare of all its collaborators and assistants. For ISE, it is important to be able to offer an attractive and safe on-site event in 2021 as well as giving the industry time to stabilize and recover its balance. They are looking forward to being in Barcelona, where the event will take place until 2023, which is the year when it is expected to be renewed as its host city.

Another new feature that ISE will present will be a program of networking and content called RISE Digital that will come to support the industry and help grow the AV network.





Looking for the right tools to assemble the new backdrop you bought? It can be frustrating when you can't find the right head for your screwdriver or  when you lose a screw or two (literally!). No one likes to build backdrops when it's complicated and takes a long time. Why bother with a problem like that when you could avoid it? 

AV-DROP uses a technology so you don't have to worry about the tools, and assembly and storage are easy. The only tools you need are your hands.



The tool-less locking mechanism is a feature that allows easy, quick and stable assembly or disassembly. The locking mechanism also reduces vibration and strengthens the structure. The system is designed to allow easy reconfiguration and expansion and a small, inexperienced team can easily assemble this product. Another bonus is that it can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly without damage to the parts.


Without the need for tools, assembly is a breeze. Simply grab the parts and put them together in no time. Our easy to assemble backdrops can be assembled or disassembled anytime, anywhere. This exclusive and patented fast fit is the one and only Trey's fixture on the market with interlocking components that simply slide and maintain excellent stability. The high-strength aluminium frames and quick-adjusting commercial light fixtures have passed the strength test with flying colours and obtained the tool-less seal of approval.


The tray mounting brackets are made on BCN's lightweight tool assembly tool and trade brackets are manufactured and distributed exclusively by AV-drop supply, a trusted leader in providing backdrops for interiors since 2005. The gasket, known as the Union Piece, slides along the aluminium profile where it is fixed and locked on both sides with a safety pin, allowing the pieces to snap together with a simple click. So save your flathead screwdriver and your rubber hammer, because Av-drop doesn't need it.


With this system you can assemble and disassemble the backdrops where and when you want an infinite number of times, with multiple options of shapes and sizes. Interior corners, exterior corners, double wall, angles, curves, etc. Everything you can imagine.


Connect to AV-DROP today to find an authorized av-drop distributor near you from the industry's trusted AV-drop brand manufacturers, the revolutionary light assembly without the need for tools and tracking brackets.


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