Sales Agent Av-Drop

Sales Agent Av-Drop


Job Description

Reporting directly to the Top Management the successful candidate will develop and manage the strategic penetration, the marketing programs, the generation demand, and launch activities, the communications, and the expansion of our brand globally.

The successful candidate will develop and manage relationships and drive revenue to deliver sales growth and brand visibility globally.

We will provide a portfolio of clients, the candidate will be in charge of contacting and managing visits at an international level, travelling 30% per month.

Attendance at international fairs.


We’re looking for an experienced  sales agent with a strong track record in the event production or performance marketing industry (is a plus). You will be numbers oriented, focused on the detail but with a strategic mind set and have knowledge of the key performance indicators of the broadband marketplace.

  • English proficiency and Spanish
  • Excellent communication skills with internal and external colleagues
  • Highly knowledgeable of sales process and deal commercials including constructing complex commercial offers
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate, present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization, including executive and C-level
  • Ability to create sales strategies
  • Ability to plan and meet deadlines in accordance with business requirements
  • Ability to act as an ambassador both internally and externally, displaying a professional, credible and positive image and attitude for AV-DROP
  • Excellent negotiation skills, both from a commercial and contract perspective
  • Excellent networking skills and developing strong relationships
  • Excellent presentation skills, and strong skills in developing compelling presentation materials

Desired Attitude

  • Competitive and result oriented towards sales and market penetration
  • Ability to multi-task and handle a fast-paced environment
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Able to deal and solve problems

What We Are Looking For

  • You will set yourself demanding goals and overcome challenges to achieve them
  • You focus on quality and attention to detail, you will not compromise standards
  • You define your own roles and constantly look for ways to exceed what has been asked

 In the industry of the events and productions AV-DROP has created revolutionary backdrop and infrastructures for events and scenes in conventions and shows around the world. We have reached several countries like the United States, Dubai, Hong Kong, Belgium, Scandinavia... and we continue to expand in the market. Build your career with us!

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Looking for the right tools to assemble the new backdrop you bought? It can be frustrating when you can't find the right head for your screwdriver or  when you lose a screw or two (literally!). No one likes to build backdrops when it's complicated and takes a long time. Why bother with a problem like that when you could avoid it? 

AV-DROP uses a technology so you don't have to worry about the tools, and assembly and storage are easy. The only tools you need are your hands.



The tool-less locking mechanism is a feature that allows easy, quick and stable assembly or disassembly. The locking mechanism also reduces vibration and strengthens the structure. The system is designed to allow easy reconfiguration and expansion and a small, inexperienced team can easily assemble this product. Another bonus is that it can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly without damage to the parts.


Without the need for tools, assembly is a breeze. Simply grab the parts and put them together in no time. Our easy to assemble backdrops can be assembled or disassembled anytime, anywhere. This exclusive and patented fast fit is the one and only Trey's fixture on the market with interlocking components that simply slide and maintain excellent stability. The high-strength aluminium frames and quick-adjusting commercial light fixtures have passed the strength test with flying colours and obtained the tool-less seal of approval.


The tray mounting brackets are made on BCN's lightweight tool assembly tool and trade brackets are manufactured and distributed exclusively by AV-drop supply, a trusted leader in providing backdrops for interiors since 2005. The gasket, known as the Union Piece, slides along the aluminium profile where it is fixed and locked on both sides with a safety pin, allowing the pieces to snap together with a simple click. So save your flathead screwdriver and your rubber hammer, because Av-drop doesn't need it.


With this system you can assemble and disassemble the backdrops where and when you want an infinite number of times, with multiple options of shapes and sizes. Interior corners, exterior corners, double wall, angles, curves, etc. Everything you can imagine.


Connect to AV-DROP today to find an authorized av-drop distributor near you from the industry's trusted AV-drop brand manufacturers, the revolutionary light assembly without the need for tools and tracking brackets.


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Image of Pavlofox

Starter Kit Pro


Starter Kit PRO is a very good way to start using Av Drop. This kit is a modular backdrop system easy to assemble, 
made of aluminium pieces that allows you to create different backdrops with front or rear screen, wall dividers or photocalls. 
These options are adaptable, to the needs of any stage or event. Av Drop gives you versatility with different backdrops options, 
thanks to the combination of different extensions to reach several heights.

The minimum height is 2.40m and the maximum height is 5m you can use different widths depending on the option you choose. 
Best of all, screen and black molton are included! Setting up an Av drop backdrop doesn´t need the use of hammers, screwdrivers, nails, 
screws or wood. It´s a completely toolless structure that you can reuse it as much as you want, saving labor time and installation. 
And for last but no least important, it's easy to store and transport you can fit it all in a flightcase! YEAH!

Don't wait any longer and contact us for more information.

We have customers all over the world!

Paco Gramaje

Paco Gramaje  is a creative studio in Barcelona with a long experience

in 3D animation, interactive design, motion graphics and video mapping.

We have had the opportunity to work with Fedefarma in the CCIB and colaboration

with this amazing studio to development a huge structure more than eleven metres high.


We built 21 cubes with AV-DROP and played with design and imege depth

to give different dimension and break up various spaces

Don't wait any longer and contact us for more information.

We have customers all over the world!

Latest events

We would like to make a review of the latest events that AV Drop has been attending. Our system has been used to set up screens, dividing walls, ephemeral spaces, masking controls, backdrops, projection surfaces and much more.

We start the review with our backdrops of different types, sizes and with front or rear projection screens:

Backdrop Conference Room


In the following event, walls up to 7 meters high were created which, together with the Blackout BB Flex fabric served with a huge immersive projection surface. A giant immersive projection Surface.


projection surface

Wall dividers are some of our specialties. Imagine that you have a huge space that you must divide to make some conference rooms. Thanks to AV Drop's quick assembly system and its versatility, we can create large walls and enclosures to give you some spectacular rooms.

Divider walls

As we have commented on previous occasions in this blog, AV Drop offers so many possibilities that it´s ideal to brand spaces. By combining the best aluminum structure with your branding in printed fabrics, it's easy for your audience to identify you in any space. Look at the following examples, the modules were made with AV Drop.

Brand spaces

Don't wait any longer and contact us for more information. We have customers all over the world!


Come visit us at Stage Set Scenery


If there is a trade show that AV Drop cannot miss it´s Stage|Set|Scenery in Berlin. We would love to see you again and
talk about the projects and challenges that the world of events demands us. We
will be in Hall 21 stand 106 . Looking forward on seeing you!

A few years ago, Stage|Set|Scenery was our first trade show to participate. For the first time we presented AV Drop to the world and will be here again, showing you all the novelties that we have created to make it easier for your designs and for your stage backdrops assemblies.

AV Drop sponsors GC Kompetition

In AV Drop we are pleased to be one of the sponsors of the GC Kompetition´s team of the World RX. The fact that our system allows us to easily create ephemeral spaces in a matter of few minutes, in addition of being sponsors of the team we set up a lounge area space for them with wall dividers for the first time in the Circuit of Catalunya.

This is an excellent way to delimit and/or create new spaces, and as with AV Drop you can perfectly adjust printed fabrics, it is a great way to brand areas with your marketing images.

Without any wrinkles, easy to assemble and no needs of tools. The mechanics themselves helped our technicians to assemble the modules. And as it is comfortable to transport through our flight case, it will be the technicians of the equipment themselves, who, around the international tests, will be assembling and disassembling the hospitality in all the circuits. Effective, isn't it?

We love that a team like GC Kompetition relies on us for a tough test full of passion and adrenaline.

Would you like to brand your space?



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divider wallsmodular walls
partition walls

stage backdrop for conference rooms

Stage backdrops for Conference rooms

In the MWC, the AV Drop modular system provided its solutions in the installation of stage backdrops for conference, many of them located in the different parts of the enclosure. As an international congress, there are many conference rooms that host meetings, conventions and formations throughout the days of the Fair. It is therefore necessary to install many stage backdrops. AV Drop as a specialist with many years of experience provides this solution and adapts perfectly to the needs of its customers. At AV Drop we are very grateful for the trust placed in us by our customers.

Stage backdrops with rear projection screens or front projection; or backdrops without screens and with unlimited printing width and up to 7 meters high. Easy to assemble and disassemble and without the need of tools.

As we said, not only AV Drop provides solutions in stage backdrops, they are also used as wall dividers, photocalls, masking controls, separators; in the photos you can see some of the examples.

Stages backdrops for conference room
Stage Backdrop Conference Room
Divider walls spaces
brand your space av drop


Without leaving the MWC the 4Y4N show was a huge success. This show hosted more than 600 start-ups and is consolidated as its own entity. AV Drop was also present. It was the system chosen by the mobile banking company for decorating the space with its own brand image. Look at the 4 backdrops of 300cm high by 300cm width. It's a great idea for branding spaces with your image, as well as its use for space delimiter and/or divider. Project made by: BOTEY

printed backdrop


Do you have any questions? Ask our specialists about all the options that you could have


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AV Drop

'Learning from migrants and refugees'

In Sant Pau’s Campus of the UAB the artist Sebastien Waknine has painted an amazing mural for five weeks long, in honor to the refugees and being them the protagonist in this artistic work.
A vindictive art piece that highlights the global problem of refugees. Under the title 'Learning from migrants and refugees' the mural is inspired by work sessions in relation to all the refugees and the migration caused by wars, specifically to all the Syrian refugees.
With the support of the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona UAB and AV Drop, Sebastien Waknine creates this wonderful work on a canvas 7 meters width by 3 meters height.

more info on next Instagram accounts: @sebastienwaknine @chica_3161


AV Drop. Prolight + Sound 2019

Another year and we will be at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt once again. And this year we bring more updates than ever!

AV Drop invites you to come. Please, fill the next form and we’ll send you an invitation.

Come and visit us at our stand…See you in Frankfurt!