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Conference backdrop system

Conference backdrop system

Conference backdrop syste

Legal Notice

In accordance with the article 10 from the Law 34/2002, of June 11, of Information and Electronic Commerce Society Services, hereunder are detail the company identifying data:

Enterprise Name: AV DROP
Business Name: FRAME RENTAL SYSTEM S.L NIF:B66082801
Address: Maracaibo Street, 26 – 08030 – Barcelona -BARCELONA
Phone Number: +34 934 441 899
Email: info@av-drop.com

Commercial Register of BARCELONA T43899 , F 63, S 8, H B 441350, I/A1


FRAME RENTAL SYSTEM S.L. (AV DROP) has the purpose to inform the users about the products and services that the enterprise offers, also let them know about the versatility and novelty of its products, helping the customers how to create amazing modular structures.

This current legal warning (from now on the “Legal Warning”) regulates the use of the webpage: www.av-drop.com


With general character the relations between B66082810 (AV DROP) with the Users of its telematics services, presents in this webpage, are subjected to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.


The user is informed, and accepts, that the access to this current webpage doesn’t assume, in any way, the beginning of a commercial relation with FRAME RENTAL SYSTEM S.L. (AV DROP) or any of its delegations.


The intellectual property rights of the content in the webpage, its graphic design and codes are ownership of FRAME RENTAL SYSTEM S.L (AV DROP) and thus, is forbidden its reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other activity that may be perform with the contents of its webpages, not even quoting the sources, unless explicit written consent from FRAME RENTAL SYSTEM S.L (AV DROP) permits this.


FRAME RENTAL SYSTEM S.L (AV DROP) reserves its right to update, modify or delete the content information in its webpages, may even restricts or not allows the access to this information to certain users.

FRAME RENTAL SYSTEM S.L (AV DROP) doesn’t assume any responsibility by the content information on webpages from thirds that you can access by links from any webpage property of AV DROP. The links presence in the webpages of FRAME RENTAL SYSTEM S.L (AV DROP) have an informative purpose and in no case suppose a suggestion, invitation or recommendation over the same.