What’s the circular economy and how can it be applied to events?

October 29, 2020

What is the circular economy?

It is the way in which we make the most of the resources we use for the production of goods and services intended for human consumption, minimising them to the absolute minimum, and when it is necessary to make use of the product, committing ourselves to the reuse of those elements which, due to their properties, cannot be returned to the environment.
The key lies in the efficiency of the use we make of the materials we obtain from the environment, taking into account the environment’s capacity for recovery, prolonging the useful life of things through the foundations of sustainable development.

Basics of the circular economy

1. Waste is transformed into a resource

All biodegradable material is returned to nature and non-biodegradable material is reused.

2. Reuse

Reusing waste or parts of it, for the manufacture of new products.

3. The repair

Finding a second life for damaged products.

4. Recycling

Use the materials found in the waste.

5. Economy of functionality

Eliminate the sale of products in many cases to implement a rental system. When the product finishes its main function, it returns to the company, which will dismantle it to reuse its valid parts.

6. Energy from renewable sources

Use of renewable energy sources for manufacturing, reuse and recycling.

How could it be applied to events?

Currently many of the events that are held have not been designed to recycle, reuse, reduce. This was one of the reasons that gave life to Av-Drop because its base material is aluminum instead of wood so it is the best alternative to reuse a structure that is used in any event, it can be used for almost any structure that is necessary; photocalls, stage backgrounds, corridors, halls, projection screens, dividing walls and many more applications that are not only pertinent to events, it is also useful in museums, schools, universities, airports, etc.

One of Av- Drop‘s goals is to help build a global movement of people who use business to make a positive impact on the world. And this movement makes us more aware of the importance of being more than just a company. We have in our hands the ability to create a positive impact on the environment and to use the power of business for environmental good.

Now more than ever we need more companies, which have a legitimate and clearly defined purpose. All companies must actively help their communities and work in a focused manner to minimise their negative impact on the planet.



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