What’s a hybrid event?

October 9, 2020

What is the future of hybrid events beyond Covid?

Hybrid events combine a “live” event with a “virtual” component, such as a fair, conference, seminar or workshop. We all participate in hybrid events without even realising it, for example, the Olympic Games, sports matches and games (Wimbledon, The US Open, The FIFA World Cup, NBA), music concerts and news and political coverage among many others.


These are some of the benefits that our clients have seen when performing hybrid events:

Increased participation:

An online event opens up many more opportunities to enjoy the content of an event.


A virtual event has a global reach.


Attendees can interact and enjoy content when, how and where they choose.


With current tools we can see and evaluate the scope of the event online.


Due to the scope of a virtual event we can get more brands to want to be part of the event and we can create activities for viewers to participate; real-time networking rooms, question and answer sessions, etc.


Online events reduce unnecessary travel by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Branded content creation:

All captured and recorded material can be reused throughout the year in different ways, helping to promote future events and keep attendees engaged between events.

There is no doubt that live events are very important for our industry, however, a virtual event will be part of the future. Currently with the Av-Drop system it is possible to create backdrops, rooms and everything you can imagine to make a virtual event have the same impact as a live one and we have all the experience to make it possible.


Is a hybrid event more expensive?

They are on average 25 to 40 percent less expensive than live events in addition to saving on travel and expenses.


How do I interact with the audience during the hybrid events?

Two-way interaction is one of the keys to all virtual events because we can conduct live seminars, real-time networking rooms, live conversations with question and answer sessions bringing the audience closer together within the show. It is important to define beforehand the type of offer that the virtual assistants will have in order to give them a complete experience and to count on professionals so that nothing fails during the transmissions.

How has Covid helped the future of hybrid events?

Covid has revolutionised the event industry, changing the global landscape enormously in a matter of months. Since the beginning of the pandemic, hundreds of events have been postponed and cancelled around the world. Without a clear vision of when this crisis will end, many organisations have begun to hold hybrid and entirely virtual events.

This has caused event companies to evolve and step forward by training their teams and providing networking opportunities, the need to evolve has been a critical factor for businesses. Having as main objective, to guarantee the security of their events for the benefit of all.


All events must adopt new policies and procedures to minimise physical contact and protect the well-being of staff, attendees and artists.

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