Starter Kit Pro


Starter Kit PRO is a very good way to start using AV-Drop. This kit is a modular backdrop system easy to assemble,
made of aluminium pieces that allows you to create different backdrops with front or rear screenwall dividers or photocalls.
These options are adaptable, to the needs of any stage or eventAv Drop gives you versatility with different backdrops options,
thanks to the combination of different extensions to reach several heights.
Starter kit Pro

The minimum height is 2.50m and the maximum height is 4,5m you can use different widths depending on the option you choose.
Best of all, screen and black molton are included! Setting up an Av drop backdrop doesn´t need the use of hammers, screwdrivers, nails,
screws or wood. It´s a completely toolless structure that you can reuse it as much as you want, saving labor time and installation.
And for last but no least important, it’s easy to store and transport you can fit it all in a flightcase! YEAH!

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