AV-Drop en ISE 2021

ISE 2021 abre sus puertas para el público hoy 1 de Junio.

Os presentamos la Sala de Conferencias para ISE, la cual ha sido instalada por Showtex, utilizando nuestro sistema modular AV-Drop.

Esta sala  consta de unos 700   de capacidad, con una altura de 6m.  Debido a las restricciones por el  Covid-19, la capacidad se ha ajustado a 110 personas.

La sala de conferencias está formada por 85 módulos, 30 estabilizadores, una pantalla LED de  8x3m de SONO, 2 puertas de emergencia y dos accesos diferenciados para entrar y salir del espacio.

Pantalla LED de SONO.

Features of this conference room

The AV Drop modular system has been dressed with ShowTex fireproof textiles, using Molton Black for the perimeter enclosures and BB Flex printing fabric. The BB Flex fabric, allows us to create stunning custom display stands or backdrops in a very short time.

Thanks to the Av-Drop system, the creation and assembly of this conference room has been done without the need of tools (tooless system). Also it is totally reusable and 100% ecological, without the generation of waste and with the minimum environmental impact. An added value that makes our system a sustainable solution for any event.

On the other hand, the installation and assembly of this room has been done in two days. Therefore another feature of the Av Drop system is that it allows to create and assemble conference rooms, photocalls, dividing wallsself-supporting screens… In less time and optimizing resources.

Entrada principal sala de conferencias para ISE, AV Experience Zone.


AVIXA and ISE will use this conference room as the AV Experience Zone. A unique event where industry professionals will bring their vision and strategy. In addition, you can download the app and watch all the events live, without missing anything.

ISE is the world’s largest audiovisual trade show, and is being held for the first time in Barcelona this year, both in person and online on June 1 and 2, at the Fira de Barcelona.


Finally, If you have any project in which we can help you, or simply think that Av-Drop could fit in your way of understanding the events, we will be happy to help you, do not hesitate to contact us

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