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How it works

How to customize your own stage backdrops?

With AV Drop you get the possibility to create different stage backdrops of multiple sizes, putting pieces together. It’s Lego-like, this modular structure offers endless possibilities, so your company can customize it for each event.

Choose Measurements

Depending on the available space, choose width and height for the backdrop.

Choose color or printing

You want any logos or info printed on it? We can do that for you. Just use different fabrics to change the color of your backdrop.

Choose Screens

Place any number of screens for adding multimedia to your event. Decide screen size and if it will be rear or front projection.

Contact us

Give us this information, you will get prices and more useful info

Union Extension


How to assemble F’s


Dual corner clamp


DC Small stabilaizer


DC Stabilizer + Base for weight


DC Assemble corner


How to assemble a complete panel


Bracket for screen with H1 piece


Hanging a screen with rigging clamps


2H Clamp


Assemble using angled pieces


Assemble using curved pieces


Assemblin with A, H and U pieces


Assemble a screen using T’s, X’s and L’s pieces 


Extensible base for screen 20-30


How to install a rear-screen


How to set up a double wall

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