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June 13, 2019

We would like to make a review of the latest events that AV Drop has been attending. Our system has been used to set up screens, dividing walls, ephemeral spaces, masking controls, backdrops, projection surfaces and much more.

We start the review with our backdrops of different types, sizes and with front or rear projection screens:

Backdrop Conference Room


In the following event, walls up to 7 meters high were created which, together with the Blackout BB Flex fabric served with a huge immersive projection surface. A giant immersive projection Surface.


projection surface

Wall dividers are some of our specialties. Imagine that you have a huge space that you must divide to make some conference rooms. Thanks to AV Drop’s quick assembly system and its versatility, we can create large walls and enclosures to give you some spectacular rooms.

Divider walls

As we have commented on previous occasions in this blog, AV Drop offers so many possibilities that it´s ideal to brand spaces. By combining the best aluminum structure with your branding in printed fabrics, it’s easy for your audience to identify you in any space. Look at the following examples, the modules were made with AV Drop.

Brand spaces

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