Event decoration: props and set constructions

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Theatre props

Props are theatrical property, objects that are used on stage by actors to further the plot of a theatre play. Larger props are also decoration, backdrops, volumes, banners and other theatrical items. There is a slight difference between a set decoration and a prop: if the item is not touched by an actor it is simply a set decoration. If the actor uses it in a scene is a prop.

Event Decoration

In events, you can use props in order to show your products, interact with the audience or display special effects. As event decoration you can use TV holders, fake windows and doors, kabuki systems, projection screens and more. Much of the work done by the set designer is research, phone searches, and finding the needed items. FrameRental can solve all prop issues in an event or even a theatrical production.

Set constructions

In cinema, theatres or television, the process that builds full scale scenery suitable for viewing by camera, is known as set construction. The set designer usually produces a scale model, scale drawings and paint elevations. Set designers also need to research about props, textures, and so on.

Scale drawings typically include a ground plan, elevation, and section of the complete set. Sometimes set designers draw even more detailed drawings of individual scenic elements. In theatre, cinema and events, companies have begun producing scale drawings with the aid of computer drafting programs such as AutoCAD.

In FrameRental we are aware of all this new computer techniques. That’s why we can reproduce your project as a 3d preview. With our system, we will be able to adapt our structures to any prop or set construction your project needs. We also can make really quickly a render for you to see the final result of your project.

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