Dividing walls for FiturtechY at the Fitur fair

Dividers walls for Fiturtechy

May 19, 2021

Thanks to Ifema and its Fitur fair, Av-Drop together with Showtex has created dividing walls for FiturtechY space.

We have created 2 ephemeral spaces of dividing walls for FiturtechY, using a fireproof, permanent and washable Blackout fabric from Showtex. So we managed to reuse this fabric on multiple occasions, just like our Av-Drop system, and in this way we collaborate with the environment. This is one of the reasons why Ifema opted for Av-Drop.

Each room  is  approximately 300 m2 and we have used 72 linear meters long and 5m  high dividing walls.

Divider walls

Preparing our dividing walls

Thanks to our Av-Drop system the creation of these modular walls did not require any type of tools ( tooless system), it was very easy and quick to install, the transport has been very simple and as an added value it is a reusable solution.

This system not only allows us to create dividing walls, we can also create stage backdrops, projection screens, photocalls, self-supporting screens and conference rooms.

Divider wall

Dividing wall




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