Do you want to set up your own backdrop to record videos? But don’t know how?

October 21, 2020

Here are three examples of possible ideas that could help you.

We are going to explain how to set up different backdrops. It’s actually quite simple, you just need to have the right tools, some space to work and a place to store everything afterwards.

But first: What is a backdrop?

It is a very useful resource for any video or event, whether live or virtual, it can be used to achieve multiple effects, from creating a feeling of open space or recreating, for example, a blue sea.

It can be made of different materials:


01. Wood:

A backdrop made of wood can any length and width you wish, although we recommend that it is 3mm thick maximum, any thinker would be too heavy and bulky. You can order it in any carpentry shop or in large do-it-yourself stores.

Its advantages:

  • Nothing will give you more freedom to assemble a decoration: gluing, nailing, hanging things… (on a wall it is difficult to tension fabric, if you have to use one, often impossible to use nails without marking it or due to the material of the wall, simply impossible ..)
    You can prepare it days in advance; this will make your work much easier on the day of the event or recording, especially if the backdrop is very elaborate.
    The wall or glass behind it will not be in any danger of staining, peeling or breaking.

Your disadvantages:

  • The storage, although being flat it might be difficult to find a corner in a storage room or terrace, properly protected.
    If it has to be transported, it requires, depending on the size, a large vehicle.
    It will be complicated to make another type of design or shape.
  • You can decorate it in many ways, we suggest to cover it with fabric, you will find this easily, very cheaply and in all colours in costume shop. To be able to cover it with fabric, an upholstery stapler is essential, it will allow you to tighten and nail the fabric all around the dashboard.
  • Then you have to use your imagination to decorate it…
  • You can use a white sheet or even leave it with nothing, wood is a lovely material.


Photo source: Pat – Paspartu

Photo source: Pat – Paspartu

Photo source: Pat – Paspartu






02. PVC pipes:

Another way of making an original backdrop is by using PVC pieces, which you can find at La Ferre.


Here we leave a list of the material that will be needed:

  1. 5 PVC tubes of 2 meters by Ø1,5 cm or Ø2 cm.
  2. 4 Graft (or T-pieces) of PVC of Ø1,5 cm or Ø2 cm.
  3. 2 PVC elbows of Ø1.5 cm or Ø2 cm.
  4. 4 Ø1.5 cm or Ø2 cm PVC plugs.


These pieces will have to be cut into the following socks:

  1. 3 2-metre PVC tubes in half, leaving two 1-metre tubes.


You can use a miter saw, a hacksaw or a tube cutter to cut the pieces yourself. Or, you can go to a hardware store and have it made.

Start by attaching a 1-metre piece to one end of the T-piece. Add another 1 metre piece to the other end. Put lids on both ends. Repeat. These are the legs of the base of the backdrop.

Then connect a 1 metre piece to the leg support and add another T-piece. Connect another 1 metre piece and repeat for the other leg of the support.

Using the two T-pieces in the centre of the legs, connect one of the 2 metre pieces to each side of the legs of the stand. Using the two elbow pieces, add the remaining 2 metre piece to the top of the frame, and we should have it!

This bracket fits very well on small backdrops. You will need some support staples to keep your backdrop in place. You can get them online or at any hardware store.


Your advantages:

  • It takes up little space
    Can be assembled and disassembled in a short time
    Fully foldable and mobile

Its drawbacks:

  • Requires time and money, cutting the pieces to size
    It is only adaptable for one size
    Not much stability


Note: the measurements we propose are optional, you can choose the measurements that best suit your needs.


Photo source: Jenna Designs

Photo source: Jenna Designs






03. Av-Drop:

A system that is based on the modularity of aluminium pieces, it is assembled and creates any type of stage backdrop with great versatility of forms. It is also compatible with a wide range of materials for decoration. It does not need any kind of tools because it includes the necessary parts to join them, making installation and relocation very simple. It is the best solution for making a stage backdrop if you are looking for a good investment.

Your advantages:

  • Small footprint
  • Very easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Fully foldable and mobile
  • Saves time
  • No tools needed
  • It is ecological
  • Easy to transport

Its drawbacks:

  • It is an investment


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