5 ideas to decorate a space

The personalisation of an environment can awaken so many feelings and is key to achieving the goal we want to communicate When we think about space divisions we know that there are several options, wood, plasterboard, glass, sliding doors, curtains, furniture, modular

7 tips to improve online meetings

English version To help make online meetings productive, here are seven tips that can be implemented immediately. Working from home is the daily bread of many. Whether it is because of the pandemic or because the convenience of this way of work has made them rethink

What’s a hybrid event?

What is the future of hybrid events beyond Covid? Hybrid events combine a “live” event with a “virtual” component, such as a fair, conference, seminar or workshop. We all participate in hybrid events without even realising it, for example, the

Keys to a new normal event

An event will reflect your identity and convey brand value to all visitors One of the first things you should think about is the concept you want to convey and how the design will communicate those feelings. It is a process whose main purpose is to project products or

stage backdrop

Join us at ISE 2019

For yet another year we will be attending at the Integrated System Europe presenting our product and all the improvements that have been carried out over the last year. We invite you to attend. You only need to enter this code: 380063 using this link. WE WILL BE IN

Come visit us at Stage Set Scenery

If there is a trade show that AV Drop cannot miss it´s Stage|Set|Scenery in Berlin. We would love to see you again and talk about the projects and challenges that the world of events demands us. We will be in Hall 21 stand 106 . Looking forward on seeing you!

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No Tools

Looking for the right tools to assemble the new backdrop you bought? It can be frustrating when you can’t find the right head for your screwdriver or when you lose a screw or two (literally!). No one likes to build backdrops when it’s complicated and takes

Paco Gramaje

Paco Gramaje is a creative studio in Barcelona with a long experience in 3D animation, interactive design, motion graphics and video mapping. We have had the opportunity to work with Fedefarma in the CCIB and colaboration with this amazing studio to development a

Stage backdrops for Conference rooms

In the MWC, the AV Drop modular system provided its solutions in the installation of stage backdrops for conference, many of them located in the different parts of the enclosure. As an international congress, there are many conference rooms that host meetings

AV Drop sponsors GC Kompetition

In AV Drop we are pleased to be one of the sponsors of the GC Kompetition´s team of the World RX. The fact that our system allows us to easily create ephemeral spaces in a matter of few minutes, in addition of being sponsors of the team we set up a lounge area space