5 Reasons to add a backdrop to your event

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When we talk about “backdrop” we talk about what’s on the back of the stage. The concept originated in the theater field but nowadays its use is widely extended. A backdrop is going to decisively contribute to the success of presentations, conferences, meetings, concerts and events of all kind. The question is: why?


1. It redefines the atmosphere and esthetics

The texture, color and design of the backdrop will bring a unique atmosphere to the stage and will radically affect the entire esthetic of the event. In AV Drop we work to optimize all sort of environment.


2. It offers you a variety of multimedia possibilities

Nowadays is becoming more and more usual to find presentations and conferences that are supported by audiovisual projections. On this field, AV Drop offers you endless custom-made settings with screens that integrate with the back of the stage in full harmony.


3. It reinforces your corporate image

In addition to fabrics with a variety of designs, we also offer personalized backdrops with logos, text, printing, etc. Whether if you want to reinforce your corporative image or simply inform, a backdrop will always be a winning bet.


4. Resize space

An adequate backdrop will add a new depth to the event. If you are thinking of developing different spaces, the backdrops will decisively contribute to define and divide them as well as to draw new dimensions to the set.


5. AV Drop makes it easy

Thanks to the new system developed by AV Drop, setting has never been easier. Our modular system is light, fast and it doesn’t require the use of any special tools. Download AV Drop catalogue on the button below!

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